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I hate Java development with the white-hot rage of 1000 suns. How did this nonsense ever get popular for anything?! Stupid Enterprise...

Skelly is now ported to Python and Pygame, faster than expected. Taking the rest of the afternoon to read and slack off.

I've passed the half-way mark on porting Skelly from Löve2D and Lua to Pygame and Python 3. I've decided to go for it because Python is (for me at least) a much better development/debugging environment.

The biggest amount of coding is going to have nothing to do with the game engine anyway, so I might as well use my preferred language, right?

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Currently investigating Pygame, which is sort of like I remember it. It doesn't handle text well, and seems less capable than Löve2D. But, I really like Python... I might be more productive, and I might find more useful libs to use.

The Python "Arcade" library looks *very* interesting:

Lua's easy enough (and fast) but I'm happier developing in Python... wish I'd know about this before starting Skelly.

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If you've installed from a on , Windows games will not launch with . The Play button goes straight back to saying "Play", with no errors or other windows appearing.

Install Steam normally and you're good to go.

I deleted my ~/.var/com.valvesoftware.Steam directory (where the Flatpak version keeps everything) and re-downloaded my games, YMMV.

Played War for the Overworld a bit yesterday, and was reminded that I'm terrible at games like this. Either that or the difficulty ramp is crazy... I fail at the *second* mission.

Hey @gamingonlinux have you covered Clone Hero before? It's a great Guitar Hero clone that works with USB guitar controllers and can use songs from Frets On Fire among other formats. Supports Linux/Mac/Windows:

I just discovered it this morning, and as a Guitar Hero/Rockband addict... um... productivity is in danger...

Since it's not actually relevant to the game, I'm going to simplify and remove all of that. I don't want to be accidentally pandering or parodying.

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So, for , I want your skeleton to be inclusive. I've currently got this planned:

* Name: [some reasonable length, default: Skelly]
* Sex: {choose: Male, Female, Unknown, Fluid, default: Unknown}
* Preference: {choose: Men, Women, None, Any, default: None}
* 3rd Person Pronoun: [some short length, default: It]
* Object Pronoun: [some short length, default: It]

3rd person pronoun would be used in "{x} walked away."
Object pronoun is used for "Why don't you go ask {x}."

Am I leaving out anyone?

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Affordable Internet and wireless prices? Not if Rogers buys Shaw. Stop this dangerous sale before it’s too late. Sign the petition: NO Rogers-Shaw buy! — via @OpenMediaOrg@Twitter

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- you pay hundreds of dollars for a thing that is ✨SMART✨
- it works well for a while
- the company releases an update and DEMANDS a subscription fee to keep using your device the same way and somehow thinks u will be into it??

this shit should be illegal

Original tweet :

I've got everything set up on my new laptop except backups; Duplicati is being extremely flakey for some reason, stopping part-way through backups, corrupting its database, etc.

Going to give the former CloudBerry a try, see how it behaves. Finding a Linux GUI backup client that supports Backblaze B2 is hard, everything is "enterprise" focused.

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