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I'll ask again: if anyone is aware of a paying gig that falls under the umbrellas of PHP/HTML5/CSS/JS or C/C++...

Wish me (or really, I guess, my computer) luck in today's hunt for my missing Bitcoin wallet keys.

Curses on me for being such a moron a decade ago, yes. "You'll never need them," I was promised.

yeah i'd settle for just getting a damn thing that brings enough money in that he'll fucking rest

i'm so tired of this loop over and over stress and worry and ugh

why is it so hard to make shit work

i feel like i have nobody to call

if i call t he'll want to come home and he'll be distracted and we need money but where the hell is the money

Oh, I hurt so much.

I just need one thing to work. Just one damned thing to make enough money so I can get out of pain. So I can stop hurting. Universe, c'mon, this shouldn't be too much to fucking ask.

T came back, less one couch surfer.

He said OMG it’s been forever since we had alone time

Yay he wanted alone time!


Goddamnit, this week is going to be a -20 Resist Emotional Breakdown week, isn't it.

You know an emotion runs deep when you have an effective dissociative utility and even it falls you.

Deep emotions should be outlawed.


I am feeling really lonely right now.

This week might be worse than I thought it would be.

One year anniversary of being kicked out of a fifteen year marriage... and my kids house and it’s Thanksgiving and T’s out and about and...

... I can’t stop crying. Fuck.

I'm not much for saying "Good Night" anymore... except to my children, 'cuz they really like that shit...

... and most of my nights are, well, a bit on the lonely side and full of pain, so not "good," really. They're just there.

But I'm takin' a break for now.

And seriously, The Pattern is pretty awesome...

... but reading what I read a while ago?

That shit really seriously fucked me up for a solid hour or two or however long it's been from then 'till about 15 minutes or so ago.

Chills to the point of skin-crawlz to the point of am I gonna hurl?


An old client called.

He has royalties (hey, the honor system *does* work) and a job that will take at least a few hours of my time, oh HELL FUCKIN' YEAH.

Also: /The Pattern/ is... holy shit the fucker is gonna give me a heart attack, I'm not fuckin' kidding!

I... am really just wanting to find some motherfucking work.

Really, this shouldn't be such a tough thing to do. But this entire year has been... something entirely way too fucked up for me.

Work brings money. Money buys pain relief. Pain relief means I can work on more shit.


There's an actual use-case behind this question. There are some groups of people that would like to use something like Mastodon, but it would be best to be prepared for the game of whack-a-mole that would take place.

Yes, running a hidden Tor service (or, rather, a load-balanced or failover one) would probably accomplish the task just fine. But I'm thinking about on the open Internet, without special tools being required. No special software.

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This might sound like a silly question, but...

Has anyone created an implementation of ActivityPub such that multiple hosts (say, in a DNS Round-Robin arrangement or similar) provide a single instance, and all of the nodes are connected to each other using something like WireGuard on the backend?

Censorship-resistance, I can see it being a useful feature. Espcially for places like Switter or other... gatherings that the judgemental frown upon from their holier-than-thou positions of power.

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