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I think the management is going to try to evict me RSN...

I've only been able to pay $300 on in the last... almost a month. (Thank you @bjonte!)

I'm on borrowed time.

I can create/facelift Web sites.

I can create software for desktops/smartphone/tablets.

I can review existing sites/apps for security.

Really need something. Work from home is a must: I'm supposed to isolate per doc.

I'm literally *begging* for work, y'all. Please boost.

Got $100 so far... need a lot more if I’m not gonna get kicked out!

Also, if you know of a shitty web site that needs redone shoot the URL at me so I can try to get some work!

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I wish I’d never been shown love, intimacy.

I wish I’d never fallen in love. It is too much pain when you inevitably get fucked.

In the first week of October, my wife and I renewed our vows to each other.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I left for what I understood to be a cool-off period after what turned out to be a medication-induced psychotic episode. Meds I were basically forced to go on lest I lose my wife in the first place.

Now, she says “[She’s] moved on”.

Wait, what?

I feel abandoned. We were supposed to try counseling first.

It was my fault for falling in love in the first place.

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Trust is vulnerability. Love is just some dumb brain-virus that makes us lower our guard so as to be easily immolated.

There’s nothing like needing someone to show you how much you’re valued to them.

It’s a good way to learn that you’re all alone if the shit hits the fan.

A buddy and I who are quarantined together have started a little online clothing shop. Doesn't have much (yet), but if anyone's interested in helping me get through these times financially (and you don't break *your* bank in the process), check it out and maybe buy an item?

Also, let me know positive or negative any comments/complaints/etc.

Boosts welcome.

"will your mouth still remember the taste of my love"

no, because shell be just fucking fine, having stood on mount RUINYOUAMUCHUS.

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I want to tell all the people who make love songs, THEY'RE TOO YOUNG TO FUCKING KNOW.

"Modern Loneliness" by "Lauv"

I swear this hot-ass motherfucker speaks my exact language.

Anyone know if a free (libre) library exists that provides a collection of bitbanged I/O routines? Something that ideally can just be told "Here are the N pins you need, now run with it?"

This is awesome. I guess maybe the cold snap is a blessing. Hard to survive a frozen night outside. Or in a building that has no utilities and is exposed.

At least I have a blanket. 7 days left here... maybe 30–45 total?

I’ll probably end up squatting at a known condemned building. 🤷🏻‍♂️

“A tantalizing new prospect will come your way.”

It already did. And it is as hot as it is unavailable.

I literally don’t even know what to do now. I have 11 days to figure it out though.

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