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Yes, we need to defend ourselves. The government is on a crusade, one which only hurts its people and makes it the enemy of the public. What a fucked up world we live in. But people wish to turn the other way, buy the bullshit line that guns are the problem, and continue to belive that cops are good.

Nothing from the government is good, k?

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Cops should be eliminated. The only proper place for pigs is in the fucking oven. Jesus fucking christ stop the madness already: EVERYONE needs to be armed, and EVERYONE needs to step up and fucking DEFEND EACH OTHER.

Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this. And FUCK THIS SOME FUCKING MORE.

Apparently sleep is fucking OPTIONAL.


PSA: Everclear is best had with stupidly sweet things, like Juicy Juice (!).

I am *really* liking Ultimate++. The design of the system is sound, and aside from the learning curve WRT the tooling, I'm extremely happy with it.

is *snappy*, but it still needs a little help in the GUI designer and documentation areas. I'm finding that I'm looking at TheIDE's source to answer questions that I cannot easily find the answers to in the documentation, for example.

But I like it. No code gens, yet a visual development environment. A most efficient use of C++.

PSA: Never lose something that will take 3 billion years to find, unless you have a billion systems to chew on the search for a year or three...

Lucifer Spoilers 

So, finished S4.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. Are they ending it there? Are they going to bring it back? If they bring it back, just what are they going to do with it?

Am I alone in thinking that they've painted themselves into a truly final corner?

I mean, they *finally* got to the point where Chloe and Lucifer know how they feel about each other, AND Chloe is okay with who he is, and THAT is where it ends?

I'm sad.

What I *really* want is a high-powered terminal program that does it. Something like RHIDE, but modernized.

Of course, who remembers RHIDE?

It’s a shame that access to medicine is considered something that should be a basic right to group β€œX”, and not, you know, to all of those who live and breathe.

It actually kinda sickens me that we live in a world where it is easier to get insurance to pay for elective, even cosmetic procedures, but some of us can’t affordably do so or the insurance just won’t pay without a fight, just to keep chronic conditionsβ€”which have a real chance at lifespan reductionβ€”at bay.

Talk about β€œprivilege”.

node is experiencing difficulty.

Ahh, nice.

Gonna need to figure that out at some point today. Kinda hard to test an API client when the server's responding "I'm busy, leave me be."

What an dingbat server can be. Are there any other well-known, locally-running, full-node implementations available which present an API? And can ideally use bitcoind's data as a starting point?

Was there some reason that could not have fixed things, instead of making them worse with v3 names?

There is now quite virtually no chance for memorable names. Not intentionally, anyway. They’re simply too long.

Is it time to rethink the overlay, to try to bring usability and high-security together?

Does the world need a β€œLightweight Software Foundation”, or something similar?

Boosts welcome.

Nevermind the fact that the state makes a killing on the lottery and is supposed to be spending it on the schools... so if it is not a budget issue, then what? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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What a backwards state I live in.

Legislature passes a bill into law that effectively prohibits , saying that once the fetus has a , it can no longer be terminated as it is "a person".

Same passes a law requiring , because we're retarded and need such a thing.

Governor signs the first, vetoes the second.

How is it that are still a thing being actively denied, here, in 2019, by law, in (admittedly one of the worst) a US state?

I kinda wish C++ provided a better way to make loadable implementation classes. I mean, using a factory is fine and all, but it just kinda stinks to have a trampoline solely for the sake of dynamic loading of implementation classes.

WSL2 is basically Microsoft saying β€œyeah, that’s a lotta stuff to implement,” and shock and surprise, they’re just gonna the Linux kernel itself. After all, what’s more compatible with Linux than Linux?

For example, a simple, standard availability domain requires a minimum of two servers, both running DNS, SMTP, HTTP, and possibly XMPP. Add SIP and that’s one more server. Make it high-availability, then double the number of servers.

So a minimum cost/mo is something like $10–$30 per month, and that’s assuming self-administration. Add in the administrator’s time, and it goes up quite a bit.

At scale things become cheap and people love gratis, and so they think anything at-cost is too much.

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