Any ideas on how to avoid eviction? Or alternatively, how a disabled person without any benefits can pull $3,500 out of a hat in two days or less?

Boosts welcome…

Anyone know of an (web, cli, whatever) that can pull detailed readings and related information?

Boosts welcome, of course.

TIL that I’m just T’s β€œroommate.” I guess my emotions haven’t been crazy, after all.

Fuck… have until 5 PM to figure out the rent. And the car is not in good enough repair to live in again.

I obviously know nothing about being a whore, or how to profit from it.

I do truly wonder sometimes: will I ever really understand people?

Also, gotta figure out money… again. is late.

TFW you reach β€œFUCK IT”.

Wonder how much I can charge for my ass.

TFW you have a $400 loan β€” using a $3500 workstation setup as collateral.

@gudenau There’s no reason that you can’t have a pointer to have a piece of memory don’t ever directly after the pointer that is is being held. However you can’t just directly store values as if it were in a ray without invoking undefined behavior, so be careful.

@CodingItWrong I believe it. I’ve seen at least one iOS game that makes heavy use of low-level intrinsically, including assembly language…!

Anyone follow me who is β€œin a couple that are dating online and have never met?” If so, let me know…

I might have something for you.

We’ve been together two years now.

I love this man so very much. He has been amazing to me and I cannot imagine my life without him.

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@yuki We are in the process of getting an apartment. One of my ex girlfriends is letting us stay with her… being that it’s my boyfriend and myself, it’s a little weird.

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