@mdszy That’s why I have one on my LAN, and use WireGuard to access it when I’m not home.

Relationships, and particularly polyamory, is the real Kobiashi Maru.

Serious Mental Health Question 

old car 

@DigitalMisfit Oh, sleep has been a major priority. After I feel human again, maybe I won’t want to sleep all the time.

@DigitalMisfit Ok. Finally moved, and recovering from that... heh. Now just gotta do the other end of it... but all I wanna do right now is sleep.


@izaya I’ve implemented custom bidirectional pipes using SHM once upon a time. Never really used it tho; I just use Unix domain sockets when I need such a thing.

@lattera Who knows. They can simply claim that they smell something in order to report that they had probable cause for a search, so, probably.

@lattera @mwlucas Sure; but mistakes are still possible. Haven’t looked yet, but if it is in C then it is always possible even if it has been audited for a particular version of the language or the tools used to compile it. Memory errors happen in code, and the kernel is IMHO one place where low # of SLOC is fairly important.

But then again I think most kernels are too big, doing too much in supervisor/ring 0 mode.

@lattera @mwlucas I’m sure it is faster. Kinda like that whole http-in-kernel mess years back. But my thinking is that TLS is a large moving target to be embedded in an OS kernel. Whole new meaning behind arbitrary code execution...

@lattera Mixed thoughts on that one... I think that perhaps that might be just a little to much to trust to supervisor mode or ring 0...

The person who says "... but I don't have time for testing!" should be fired.

TDD, at the very minimum, saves time and money. Jeez. Not rocket science.

@mdszy @OTheB Ah, one of my favorite input devices. Sorry for your loss.

I always keep a brand-new spare handy. Though I haven't had to bust it out yet.

@brandon Dunno. Probably will look at it after I’m done fuckin’ around with FreeBASIC.

@gudenau I had a bug like that in my terminal program, very early on in its development. It was, for me, an off-by-one error in my painting routine.

On the top, Konsole. On the bottom, MATE Terminal.

Submitted without comment.

@gudenau Probably a good chunk of it. However, the really nice thing is that FreeBASIC essentially just compiles to C anyway. It has a static support runtime that is included in the final program output, so the only dynamic linker dependencies are those for a standard C++ program, plus curses.

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