Rebooting in an hour to apply some security patches. Expect a minute of downtime.

Good morning. Be here. Don’t be in the past or the future. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Hey, I think Unix just turned 50!
Happy anniversary💥⌨💨
- And thanx to SDF for making antique and old historical version available via browser!
(Though not accesible through elinks. At least not on Alpine Linux via Termux on Android.)
#unix50 #sdf #ancientUNIX #unix #elinks

37, the age at which Grace Hopper joined the Navy, learned logic and later invented the compiler. Its never too late to start on something new in your life.

@thor Namespaced UUIDs (which employ a hash algorithm) are good for things like that. It is equivalent to a shared key and limited to forward verification, however.

An HMAC moves the problem to the crypto domain, but which method is appropriate is often going to depend on the level of trust required in the system.

Going down for a quick reboot in 15 minutes to apply security patches. Expect 60s of downtime.

@gudenau I’d have to look to see if all the required namespaces are implemented; I’m currently on 4.19-something-or-another.

@gudenau once setup, the packet flow is controlled with routing tables and can be strongly enforced with ip(6)tables.

@gudenau Look into namespaces. You may need a newer kernel. The solution is to have ens3 in root net ns, ens4 and ens5 in their own separate spaces, and veth pairs to connect the two isolated namespaces to the root to allow packet traversal.

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