@key_m8 No problem. I hope it improves.

When PHP was my full time work, I found it useful to clean up all the warnings before ever attempting to fire up the debugger. Sometimes that even caused the problem to go away.

@key_m8 VSCode has a very nice PHP debugger.

It even allows debugging requests on a remote server. I seem to recall it being pretty easy to configure. Before that, I used emacs support for the XDebug setup.

Been too long to be able to assist more, but I hope this helps.

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Re: that last boost.

Yeah, going from having relief to not is dangerous to the mind. It is awful. Nobody should have to feel it. But it is all too common, and such a person cannot be faulted for making themselves an exit, should they be able to do so.

I think that for most of us, we cannot craft that exit.

@Wolf480pl In short: programmers must be liable for the death and destruction caused by them.

Good luck on that, though. It seems that people still don’t get it.

@tuxcrafting Meh, that’ll happen anyway. Just not tomorrow. Though a lifelike, planet-local simulation may be started by the American Presiding Douchebag at any time.

@brion It’s not Genuine if it doesn’t say *Not Responding* at least once during a file copy operation! 🤣

@Jason_Dodd @andrej 11/11: It doesn’t fix the fact that there are bad people out there, but it would certainly encourage even more growth of small business, which is the real answer. Not unions, but decentralization.

@Jason_Dodd @andrej 10/11: So, how does that all tie together?

Pretty simple: a flat tax relieves so much burden from all taxpayers that it has a ripple effect throughout the society it exists in. The relative weight of other burdens go way down. Smaller businesses gain surety and can better take care of themselves, their workers, and their communities. It even goes so far as to eliminate the need for unions altogether, because smaller businesses can be more easily structured as true cooperatives.

@Jason_Dodd @andrej 9/11: While it is not normal for a union to shut down a business for several months of the year every time it’s contract time, it's also not unheard of. And while nobody is going to die—directly, anyway—as the result of a glass factory shutting down its operations or a school temporarily closing down, imagine what happens when a shutdown occurs in, well, any mission-critical operation: a hospital, a nuclear power plant, or the production plant for a single-source vaccine.

@Jason_Dodd @andrej 8/11: What’s more, if you take that same business and add the requirement to halt business to address an organized workers’ union, this can literally be the difference between life and death for that business.

And “that business” doesn't have to be all that small, either. Libbey Glass, which used to be a major manufacturer of glassware in the USA, was damn near killed by constant unnecessary overheads caused by the union—which was controlled by an elected panel (as is often the case).

@Jason_Dodd @andrej 7/11: The smaller the business, the less certainty there is about taking deductions that one is eligible for. This not only harms the business, but because it causes the business owner to run suboptimally, if the business is suffering a hard time, it will have fewer resources to call upon in order to get through those hard times. This has a trickle-down effect to employees. And since even small businesses can be pillars in a community, that can trickle to the community, too.

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