1999: Teenager sneaks outside home to drink alcohol

2009: Teenager sneaks outside home to smoke weed

2019: Teenager sneaks outside home to get measles vaccine

@gudenau @bclindner Yeah, I love it. $3.5 mil for the first year, $13/yr afterwards. Lol.

Tomorrow at 14:00 EST (19:00 UTC) mastodon.technology will enter a 1-hour maintenance window to upgrade the Mastodon software our instance uses. There will be some database migrations, so expect intermittent downtime and slow server responses.

Software engineering and programming are not the same. If we are to survive as a free society, programming must be as trivially accessible as prose writing. That does not and never has meant that software engineering should be so accessible, in the same way that literacy does not imply the ability to write the next great American novel.

A UDP packet walks into a bar.
A UDP packet walks into a bar.
"Please beer I'll have a bartender."

The bartender says "Ha! Not a chance. You duplicate, you talk out of order, and you don't have credentials."

It seems to be a lot easier to use UTF-16 as an internal representation for strings in a program if you don't bother to use the C++ std::string data type at all.

Am I missing something, or is it seriously easier to throw the STL away and just have a damned Unicode string type?

Got kicked out of karaoke last night Show more

Ok so one of the fyre fest organizers walked into a customs office and tried to suck dick instead of paying a fine.

Lord give me the confidence of a man that thinks he can give a $175k blowjob.

@AskChip @fuzzface I am the same... unless I wrote the thing in question. But that was back when I was working and useful...

@jrss Are you having an issue with http vs. https? Rather, does the scheme for the Disqus reference match the one in the address bar for the site loading Disqus??

Since I've been on a tear filling up masto.tech with car stuff lately, I'd also like to call out Motor Trend for using Youtube to build a huge following and then putting all their series behind a paywall on their own site.

That's some bullshit. Roadkill was great, but not great enough to pay one more damn subscription fee for.

If it's not on Netflix, Prime, or Youtube, I can't afford to care about it.

: Click here and wait a second, it will not take long.
: ok
3h later....
: It's nearly done, wait a second.

@trickster I like Namecheap, but they do that “premium” thing these days. Kinda waiting for open access to Cloudflare’s at-cost registrar to try it out.

@karen Windows is garbage. But people are unwilling to go over the learning curve for Linux.

It's not much harder to use Linux than Windows, just different.
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