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@yuki We are in the process of getting an apartment. One of my ex girlfriends is letting us stay with her… being that it’s my boyfriend and myself, it’s a little weird.

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been watching some 90’s star trek lately and… 

@ashfurrow LOL!

been watching some 90’s star trek lately and… 

@ashfurrow Oh, Ash… are you smokin’ on that good stuff again…?

I'm sure it's just a thing because we're all taught Cartesian coordinate systems in geometry class, yeah?

I don’t suppose anyone has some spare ATOM? I did a stupid and locked my ATOM away and can’t even claim my staking reward. It looks like I’d need .001 to pull .006 out.

If so, I’d be able to pay it back quickly. Proof in the address, see screenshots or inspect on the public ledger...


@quad Sports mode. I’ll ask my BF what the magic incantation is to go back to normal mode is if you need it...

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I think sometimes all I do is hold people back.

I’m so expensive and uncomfortable and even needy sometimes. It’s not fair to anyone else.

If someone would have said 2 years ago that I'd be in a committed relationship with one man and neither of the women that were in my life at the time would be today… I'd have laughed my belly off.

But it's the truth. And sorry, everyone: he's the sweetest, most loving man in the Universe and I'm holding onto him as long as he'll let me. :-D

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I need to make more of an effort to be back here. My life has changed so freakin” much, it”s not even funny.

Two years ago, I was with two women, living with my daughters. Since then… it suffices to say: I was kicked out when I had a literal mental breakdown, and shortly afterward met the man of my *DREAMS*β€”literallyβ€”who loved me when I was most definitely at the lowest point I”d ever been in, in my life. Today, I'm happily in love, even if I'm still in a bit of pain & discomfort.

The ex-girlfriend is being horribly mean and hurtful, and then lecturing me about how I’m the reason and that’s why β€œwe are done,” but then she follows up with more meanness. She threatened to not pay the rent for shits and giggles (she’s paying it until I can get back on my feet, allegedly). She took a thing I bought for herself after saying she’d hold onto it for me. When she’s lecturing me, I feel two inches tall and 100% worthless all over again. πŸ₯Ί

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