We’ve been together two years now.

I love this man so very much. He has been amazing to me and I cannot imagine my life without him.

I don’t suppose anyone has some spare ATOM? I did a stupid and locked my ATOM away and can’t even claim my staking reward. It looks like I’d need .001 to pull .006 out.

If so, I’d be able to pay it back quickly. Proof in the address, see screenshots or inspect on the public ledger...


An interesting idea that works out strangely well, using with . Plus it seems like it might be possible to use it with C++, based on how it generates the code for user-defined types.

Definitely worth looking into.

vs the universe... sigh.

Going back to . Fewer features and more reliability. Too tired of this. Have had to nuke the cache 3 times today alone to fix timeline issues.

Mast crashed while writing this... so iOS browser it is for the moment. I am embarrassed and it isn’t even my code.

Yeah, this is *ever* so useful and legible.

How the *hell* can this be worth any money at all? There is no QA, and there is bug after bug after bad behavior after bug. I wish I could sell things like this, but I consider it to be dead fucking wrong to sell a product that is so far from finished.

Someone wanna tell me what the fuck I am missing, here? I thought programmers were supposed to get better over time and stop making newbie mistakes. But it’s like we’re in the age of the lazydev.

β€œThis site is optimized for modern browsers. Please upgrade your browser.”

I am running the latest Firefox. And what is this anyway, 1998?


(Would be more so if cops were like brutes and just couldn’t help chasing the doughnut... it would go with their unchecked β€œblue privilege”.)

Finished FF2 (FF4) on SNES. Have played it before but never finished it.

It made me incredibly sad.

Many things do that now.

There are things I miss which will never be again, and this game basically had that as a theme, except that it is a game and all ends with a happy ending.

Happy endings make me sad.

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