I need to make more of an effort to be back here. My life has changed so freakin” much, it”s not even funny.

Two years ago, I was with two women, living with my daughters. Since then… it suffices to say: I was kicked out when I had a literal mental breakdown, and shortly afterward met the man of my *DREAMS*—literally—who loved me when I was most definitely at the lowest point I”d ever been in, in my life. Today, I'm happily in love, even if I'm still in a bit of pain & discomfort.

If someone would have said 2 years ago that I'd be in a committed relationship with one man and neither of the women that were in my life at the time would be today… I'd have laughed my belly off.

But it's the truth. And sorry, everyone: he's the sweetest, most loving man in the Universe and I'm holding onto him as long as he'll let me. :-D

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