I think the management is going to try to evict me RSN...

I've only been able to pay $300 on in the last... almost a month. (Thank you @bjonte!)

I'm on borrowed time.

I can create/facelift Web sites.

I can create software for desktops/smartphone/tablets.

I can review existing sites/apps for security.

Really need something. Work from home is a must: I'm supposed to isolate per doc.

I'm literally *begging* for work, y'all. Please boost.

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Another way anyone can help me out is to sign up for Robinhood if you're interested in investing in the stock market.

If you use my invite code, both you and I will receive a free stock. It could be a low-value stock, or it might be something like Apple, Ford, or Facebook (which are high-value stocks).

Boosts are welcome. Help me pay my while at the same time entering the stock market... it's a win/win deal. Especially if you're looking to start investing.

Here's the link:

The invite code is good for 24 hours only, I think.

Additionally, Robinhood allows you to invest in various cryptocurrencies, including major ones (Bitcoin) and minor ones (Dogecoin).

Sadly, it doesn't support Stellar... yet.

@gudenau Yep, plus now that Robinhood supports fractional units, one does not need a lot of money to begin investing.

@SuperFloppies if you have all of that on your resume, go apply to everywhere you can. Software developers are always needed, and since everything is remote right now you'd have less limitations from location.

Try Upwork. Fiverr if you really need to. You have a marketable set of skills.

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