Okay. Yesterday, I wrote a simple (yet useful) TCP service with Rust, with only the standard library, in about an hour.

Today, I want to write ten dozen things on my TODO list in Rust. And I’m an emphatic C++ programmer.

@SuperFloppies Nice! What would you say you gained compared to a similar program in C++? Security I guess.

@bjonte Well, I still need to analyze the program’s runtimes behavior, but the whole memory safety thing made “just doing it” a lot easier. And the compiler refuses to compile a lot of things, common first-draft-type mistakes.

So far, the best thing I can say is that it saved development time and performed reasonably fast at runtime relative to my existing code in C++.

@SuperFloppies Sometime in the future I want to make a networked game. I may try using Rust for a dedicated server. How’s the debugging capabilities?

@bjonte Haven’t had a chance to mess with them yet. My code worked once the computer accepted it lol.

However that is the next thing, along with profiling, that I’m going to look at.

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