vs the universe... sigh.

Going back to . Fewer features and more reliability. Too tired of this. Have had to nuke the cache 3 times today alone to fix timeline issues.

Mast crashed while writing this... so iOS browser it is for the moment. I am embarrassed and it isn’t even my code.

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@gudenau Indeed. Can see this post but there is still a 2 hour gap in the timeline without a spacer. Betcha nuking the cache (again) would fix it. Doesn’t matter. Doing the app swap-out as soon as the kids are in bed.

@SuperFloppies Tusky does that too, but it only needs a restart to fix.

@gudenau Restart has null effect. It crashed, heh.

Pretty sure it persists far too much internal stateβ€”and not just caches and last read timestamps.

@gudenau As much as it stutters, such as about one second after hitting the reply button for a second or two, it must be hitting the local DB *hard*.

It’s FAST solid-state storage, FFS.

If the app fetches the updates and inserts them in the local database, particularly since it has this odd behavior WRT trying to be clever and only loading a subset of toots (clue: tight loop code needs too much I/O or CPU, or why the limit?), say 20 or so at a time, it should *never* peg the πŸ’Έ phone!

@SuperFloppies (reposted, this time with markdown) ooh, time to get on my high horse again about how godawful this codebase is

the the handler method for when the more button is tapped on a status is a whopping 600 lines of extraordinarily repetitive code that I am willing to bet is duplicated in it’s entirety somewhere else in the codebase

@shadowfacts Seriously?!

I hadn’t gotten to looking for a git repo yet... maybe I should go scrub a nuclear reactor with a toothbrush instead...

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