Yeah, this is *ever* so useful and legible.

How the *hell* can this be worth any money at all? There is no QA, and there is bug after bug after bad behavior after bug. I wish I could sell things like this, but I consider it to be dead fucking wrong to sell a product that is so far from finished.

Someone wanna tell me what the fuck I am missing, here? I thought programmers were supposed to get better over time and stop making newbie mistakes. But it’s like we’re in the age of the lazydev.

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@SuperFloppies Lazy == more money

Have you heard about the Boing stuff?

@gudenau Yes. It is something I’ve been screaming for two fucking decades would happen.

@SuperFloppies I saw it coming and I'm not even that old. :-/

Got to love when people are in charge that don't care.

the Age of Shoddy started with the Civil War
we hope it'll stop sometime soon
any day now...

@cantinto Sadly, it will only get worse with time. Finite amount of energy in the world, after all, and energy is needed to do things correctly and with a modicum of fucking pride.

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