What’s driving the renewed push for XMPP? It had its fifteen minutes, a decade or so ago.

One cannot both claim that hash proofs are wasteful and at the same time push a text-based markup language for interchange without looking a little stupid.

A binary message is often 90% smaller than the equivalent XML, requires less code to parse, is more deterministic, and so uses less electricity to create, transmit, and parse. Multiply by several billion times and wow. C’mon people. We can do better.

@SuperFloppies Is there an XMPP renewal? I hope so...I'd love to see companies use XMPP, but rebrand it.

@farhan There seems to be, but I fail to understand why. It seems unlikely that history has been forgotten so soon. It was, for awhile, pushed as a cure-all for things like messages, VoIP, and system logs. Truth be told, we need something simple, sane, and yet flexible enough to function as a primitive.

It would even be possible to return the Web to its role as a front-end, and have a federated binary network that serves as a primitive for IM, relay chat, and even AP’s use cases.

@farhan I think that if it were considered very carefully, we could come up with a protocol that enables end-to-end security, supports a wide range of use cases, is difficult to censor, and perhaps even allows for a different type of request/response model in contrast to HTTP, where resources might be truly self hosted and decoupled from IP address.

@SuperFloppies it has better clients and/or is more reliable and/or easier to use than Matrix, Tox, Ring, Jitsi, and Wire
at least that's why I started using it

@grainloom Maybe on the client side. The server side is still apparently quite a mess.

It is a lot easier to deploy a working SIP infrastructure. And even SIP is strictly more verbose than needed for this type of thing, but it is closer to an ideal primitive. It provides all the mechanisms required for voice, data, and NRT messaging (IM), and is just as easy on the client side. Easier, even, since hardware exists also... Who doesn’t know how to use a DECT handset, after all?

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