Cops should be eliminated. The only proper place for pigs is in the fucking oven. Jesus fucking christ stop the madness already: EVERYONE needs to be armed, and EVERYONE needs to step up and fucking DEFEND EACH OTHER.

Yes, we need to defend ourselves. The government is on a crusade, one which only hurts its people and makes it the enemy of the public. What a fucked up world we live in. But people wish to turn the other way, buy the bullshit line that guns are the problem, and continue to belive that cops are good.

Nothing from the government is good, k?

@SuperFloppies Nobody ever said guns were bad except the conservatives trying to color up the liberal point of view. People who have known mental issues about guns should not have guns. Whether the government knows how to implement that so those truly want to kill people for sport don't get them and instead prevent those who actually should have them from getting them.

@AskChip This is the problem. Precisely, exactly the problem. “... those who want to...”, that is thought crime. *I* want to hint pigs for sport. However, I won’t do so, because it would shorten my life expectancy to minutes.

People must rise up. People must defend themselves and each other. People must not allow the fucking legalized criminals to continue to behave any fucking way they want. Anyone wearing the uniform that disagrees with the behavior of their peers must quit and rise up too.

@AskChip And the people acting as spokespeople? Ever notice how when a white cop abuses a black citizen, it is always a black spokesperson doing the damage control? Shameful. Just fucking shameful. Any person—ANY person—who defends this type of behavior should be considered just as guilty.

The only sufficient apology? Hang the fuckers publicly, and STOP ACTING THAT WAY. Zero. Fucking. Tolerance.

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