I am *really* liking Ultimate++. The design of the system is sound, and aside from the learning curve WRT the tooling, I'm extremely happy with it.

is *snappy*, but it still needs a little help in the GUI designer and documentation areas. I'm finding that I'm looking at TheIDE's source to answer questions that I cannot easily find the answers to in the documentation, for example.

But I like it. No code gens, yet a visual development environment. A most efficient use of C++.

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@gudenau For C and C++, and possibly Java (it has Android project support!). For other languages, not so much.

I'd like to add Objective C and Objective C++ to it, that'd be pretty awesome.

@SuperFloppies I don't think I'd use it for Java, but a good C(++) IDE is something I haven't really found short of VSCode.

@gudenau I liked Atom before VSCode, but my problem now is that the las four or so releases of VSCode have become hogs both in terms of per-project disk space and processor time. Not one or the other, but both. And this little lappity toppity box does not like it.

I will try a Java project on it someday, but right now I’m still kinda poking around and figuring it out. It seems like the base I wanted to build, though, Ultimate++. It is quite lean, and I love the whole macro DSL thing it does.

@gudenau I still need to β€œkick the tires” and try cross-compiling for Windows. If those two things come out with success, I’ll be very pleased.

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