@mmu_man @jpmens "You need a Linux distribution as tmate utilizes linux specific features."

@dvl @jpmens yes, the APT URI scheme refers to the Debian packages :p

And yes, it probably uses Linux-specific calls that bypass the normal tty interface which is not meant to do this.


@mmu_man @dvl @jpmens AFACT, it should be easily portable to non-Linux systems; it's a fork of tmux and as such, already has support in the source tree for several BSD systems and cygwin.

It assumes root; I patched my copy temporarily to eliminate that requirement for testing. But just from my five minutes of reading its source, I'd stick it in an isolated container, root or not.

Still, pretty awesome concept.

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@mmu_man @dvl @jpmens Yeah, it looks like (though I cannot confirm tonight, need to actually compare tmux upstream with this repo to see the differences to be sure) that the only real dependency on Linux is for the namespaced jail; the implementers just didn't able or willing to port that logic for other OSes even though the build system and upstream tmux clearly supports them.

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