Might seriously get into nethack.

Also would be a great test for dd-dos (when it'll work).


@dd86k Well, Nethack on *16-bit* DOS.

I'll bet that it still compiles with DJGPP at least, since DJGPP tries to provide as much POSIX as is reasonable under that platform.

@SuperFloppies I'm thinking it's dropping support for REAL-MODE? Or just 8086? Dunno about extensions.
I can always get older versions and compile that lol

@dd86k I'm guessing they want to get rid of all the 16-bit specific crap, like all the seriously broken memory handling.

At least for me, the code that I (very) occasionally maintain for real mode DOS requires the use of OpenWatcom. DOS is pretty easy to support, though, if you stay within the confines of what GCC will offer in its DJGPP port.

The only thing that really is missing there is the ability to access physmem with linear addresses. Seems like 32-bit Watcom C can do this, but DJGPP cannot.

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