Idea: :dont_at_me: as a permissions level for a post.

Can still be boosted and favorited, but servers should prevent replying, and a server implementing this will reject any incoming replies.


@bhtooefr Alternatively close thread.

But these suggestions will make the system very heavy; it will require one lookup for every incoming message that is in-reply-to something and that might be a bit much for high-traffic instances.

@SuperFloppies Mastodon's already doing many lookups for every incoming message, for timeline insertion, FWIW

@bhtooefr Well, that is a design issue and not strictly needed for the implementation. But in that case, if the new lookup fits into the old ones it adds just a branch to the code. I wouldn’t assume that tho.

Replying to a very old post will have the highest cost. “One lookup” sounds small, but remember that no implication is made on the amount of I/O required for that one lookup.

Cache effect does not exist for old data.

@bhtooefr “design issue” meant to say “design detail”. Not sure how issue came out there.

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