Finished FF2 (FF4) on SNES. Have played it before but never finished it.

It made me incredibly sad.

Many things do that now.

There are things I miss which will never be again, and this game basically had that as a theme, except that it is a game and all ends with a happy ending.

Happy endings make me sad.

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@Blackknight Oh, hell no... you know, I have tried to avoid great mixes of the music because it has a powerful effect on me.

My mom introduced me to FF1 when I was a kid. She worked for her dad at a video/game rental place. It seems that when I hear it, I am brought back to a world with my mom in it.

It actually hurts.

@Blackknight And it’s a half hour?! Well, if I ever need a good cry, there it is.

@Blackknight Thanks. And thanks for the name, I will probably listen to it someday. That day just isn’t today.

@Blackknight i literally searched it, it popped up and started playing and then I closed it. Lol

@SuperFloppies You might want to check out though. There's a great community around the game and you could play in honor of your mother.

@Blackknight This is pretty neat. I might try it out, though probably not terribly soon. It has been one of those weeks for me.

But even weirder: the other major thing my mom intro’d me to was Star Trek. But it doesn’t bother me to watch it. And I’m not sure what the difference is.

I do know that the title theme for FF1 (reprised many times) is a special sort of odd pain for me. And not for anyone else I know.

@Blackknight (And I only say that [β€œ...anyone else I know”] because people look at me funny when I tear up to it.

Many of my friends like video game music.

@SuperFloppies I understand. Your feelings are perfectly valid and there are songs that make me sad as well.

That said, here's a nice archive of video game music in case you need any more.

@Blackknight I actually walked away from the game every time the title music played. Could not do it. How fucked up is me, heh.

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