Relationships, and particularly polyamory, is the real Kobiashi Maru.

The person who says "... but I don't have time for testing!" should be fired.

TDD, at the very minimum, saves time and money. Jeez. Not rocket science.

On the top, Konsole. On the bottom, MATE Terminal.

Submitted without comment.

An interesting idea that works out strangely well, using with . Plus it seems like it might be possible to use it with C++, based on how it generates the code for user-defined types.

Definitely worth looking into.

I want to write a stub generator such that I could scan all of the libraries on a system and generate empty stubs that satisfy the linker.

Also, a way to use ELF and simply convert to the target system’s true binary format, such as Mach-O.

Someone should take and port it to , and add support for compositors. That someone will not be me. I just cannot, and I'm sure someone wants to take it over, somewhere on this planet.

I feel like I have been run over by a mack truck. I don’t know how to feel this much, these meds gotta go.

Okay. Yesterday, I wrote a simple (yet useful) TCP service with Rust, with only the standard library, in about an hour.

Today, I want to write ten dozen things on my TODO list in Rust. And I’m an emphatic C++ programmer.

vs the universe... sigh.

Going back to . Fewer features and more reliability. Too tired of this. Have had to nuke the cache 3 times today alone to fix timeline issues.

Mast crashed while writing this... so iOS browser it is for the moment. I am embarrassed and it isn’t even my code.

Yeah, this is *ever* so useful and legible.

How the *hell* can this be worth any money at all? There is no QA, and there is bug after bug after bad behavior after bug. I wish I could sell things like this, but I consider it to be dead fucking wrong to sell a product that is so far from finished.

Someone wanna tell me what the fuck I am missing, here? I thought programmers were supposed to get better over time and stop making newbie mistakes. But it’s like we’re in the age of the lazydev.

What’s driving the renewed push for XMPP? It had its fifteen minutes, a decade or so ago.

One cannot both claim that hash proofs are wasteful and at the same time push a text-based markup language for interchange without looking a little stupid.

A binary message is often 90% smaller than the equivalent XML, requires less code to parse, is more deterministic, and so uses less electricity to create, transmit, and parse. Multiply by several billion times and wow. C’mon people. We can do better.

I find it really irritating that some of the most desirable things from the perspective of features and/or performance, also tend to be the very same things that don't give a rat's ass about my privacy.

It’d be humane to kill me if I were a suffering snake. But I’m not, I’m human, so its β€œimmoral”.

Fuck this world and its double standards.

I am tired of everything. I feel like the song One, every time I’m left behind. Except that instead of a landmine trapping my mind in a paralyzed shell, a surgery trapped me in my home.

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