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I no longer post public, just followers only. I will not approve followers that have no/low toots or empty profiles.

Just FYI.

I have also decided that if I don't follow you, you cannot notify me. Don't like it? I don't care.

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I'll say this publicly, one time and one time only: If I have blocked you, there is a good reason. If you even *look* like you're trolling me or acting in bad faith, I'm not going to think twice about it. If I ask for clarification on something and you instead attack my skill set, that's kinda the definition of trolling.

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I am here to be happier than in my meatspace existence. I'm not interested in arguments (of the fighting kind; I like logical arguments) or being attacked.

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replies have been pushed upstream, and i Think they work (0.001% sure)

Periodic PSA:

Don't use `rm`

Use a tool like to send files to your Trash (or similar) and empty it later.

#rm #trash #linux #unix

It is honestly faster for me to enter a command line to master an ISO or UDF and burn it than it is to use the GUI programs that are designed to make that job "easy".

There literally isn't a responsive file manager left... Windows, macOS, the menagerie of Linux options... they're all laggy and terrible. I hate computers.

We're nearing the deadline for a big project at work, so my team has set up a daily knowledge-share (everyone works in a room/dials in and can ask questions, to make asynchronous communication synchronous).

They initially called it the "War Room" and I objected because war is bad, actually, and now they're calling it the "Peace Room" and I really love my colleagues.

Re: that last boost...

That’s gotta get added to the joke pipeline for unix commands that’s out there somewhere...

One of my new favorite utilities is sponge(1) and it'll also soak up pee(1) I'M NOT BEING RUDE: Miek wrote that last one!

ls | pee "wc -l" | sponge out

So you demand upload filters? I'll happily comply and will write one for my-own-little-startup.

But you know, to be able to filter out copyrighted material accurately, I now need access to the entire catalog of every single piece of copyrighted material in existence.

Can't wait! No floppies per snail-mail, please!

Mastodon via Gopher. "This is really a pretty minimal wrapper over, providing just enough to make it feasible to read & post toots via a Gopher client.”

@raichoo @ParadeGrotesque

It's childish and stupid. I fully agree.

My focus is on research and writing code to make tomorrow a better day than today.

If blocking ads is theft, so is going to the bathroom during commercial breaks.

Important stuff, folks. Please let someone you trust know where your passwords are. Someone I know lost their life partner suddenly and is having to act on some time sensitive stuff in relation to his website and other things and he had a pretty elaborate network and worked in computer security and they don't know his passwords. This is going to make his family's lives difficult for a bit.

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Anne Harding and I made a hand-drawn, hand-cranked version of Truncation (, showing cross sections of a hypercube.

Check it out in person at the Curfman Gallery (

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