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I no longer post public, just followers only. I will not approve followers that have no/low toots or empty profiles.

Just FYI.

I have also decided that if I don't follow you, you cannot notify me. Don't like it? I don't care.

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I'll say this publicly, one time and one time only: If I have blocked you, there is a good reason. If you even *look* like you're trolling me or acting in bad faith, I'm not going to think twice about it. If I ask for clarification on something and you instead attack my skill set, that's kinda the definition of trolling.

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I am here to be happier than in my meatspace existence. I'm not interested in arguments (of the fighting kind; I like logical arguments) or being attacked.

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node is experiencing difficulty.

Ahh, nice.

Gonna need to figure that out at some point today. Kinda hard to test an API client when the server's responding "I'm busy, leave me be."

What an dingbat server can be. Are there any other well-known, locally-running, full-node implementations available which present an API? And can ideally use bitcoind's data as a starting point?

Was there some reason that could not have fixed things, instead of making them worse with v3 names?

There is now quite virtually no chance for memorable names. Not intentionally, anyway. They’re simply too long.

Is it time to rethink the overlay, to try to bring usability and high-security together?

Does the world need a “Lightweight Software Foundation”, or something similar?

Boosts welcome.

Nevermind the fact that the state makes a killing on the lottery and is supposed to be spending it on the schools... so if it is not a budget issue, then what? 🤦🏻‍♂️

The State Motto of should be "Georgia: Taking rights away one law at a time."

What a backwards state I live in.

Legislature passes a bill into law that effectively prohibits , saying that once the fetus has a , it can no longer be terminated as it is "a person".

Same passes a law requiring , because we're retarded and need such a thing.

Governor signs the first, vetoes the second.

How is it that are still a thing being actively denied, here, in 2019, by law, in (admittedly one of the worst) a US state?

I kinda wish C++ provided a better way to make loadable implementation classes. I mean, using a factory is fine and all, but it just kinda stinks to have a trampoline solely for the sake of dynamic loading of implementation classes.

WSL2 is basically Microsoft saying “yeah, that’s a lotta stuff to implement,” and shock and surprise, they’re just gonna the Linux kernel itself. After all, what’s more compatible with Linux than Linux?

Hahahaha, wow. Emoji can be encoded like any other Unicode character... sigh.

For example, a simple, standard availability domain requires a minimum of two servers, both running DNS, SMTP, HTTP, and possibly XMPP. Add SIP and that’s one more server. Make it high-availability, then double the number of servers.

So a minimum cost/mo is something like $10–$30 per month, and that’s assuming self-administration. Add in the administrator’s time, and it goes up quite a bit.

At scale things become cheap and people love gratis, and so they think anything at-cost is too much.

Whenever I hear someone complain about a service, I wonder if they'd actually pay the amount the service costs to use it.

I think the answer is most often no.

I have missed so much stuff just due to being stuck at home. I need to take advantage of my limited supply of pain-free time to try to finish my product so that I can hopefully sell it and make enough to be able to afford to remain pain free.

I don’t want to go back to pain. I remember when pain free was normal and I thought nothing of it. Now I appreciate every pain-free minute I can, and having been reintroduced to a pain-free state... I desperately want to hold on to it. Desperately.

Re: that last boost.

Yeah, going from having relief to not is dangerous to the mind. It is awful. Nobody should have to feel it. But it is all too common, and such a person cannot be faulted for making themselves an exit, should they be able to do so.

I think that for most of us, we cannot craft that exit.

Remember to enjoy it while you got it, whatever “it” is. Mobility, agility, mental ability, a partner, whatever.

“She lies and says she's in love with him...”

Hrm. An interesting thought.

To be human, is a form of special torture. To “know” only what’s in your own mind, to never truly “know” the truth of another’s words about internal state.

Let’s just do away with civility altogether and go Klingon. Then at least there would be an end to the incessent whining of people who feel like they constantly have to harass others.

Or even if someone THINKS you are descended from such. Hell, that is today’s world: “I think it is true, therefore it is.”


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