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The Best Floppy Ever

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I no longer post public, just followers only. I will not approve followers that have no/low toots or empty profiles.

Just FYI.

I have also decided that if I don't follow you, you cannot notify me. Don't like it? I don't care.

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I'll say this publicly, one time and one time only: If I have blocked you, there is a good reason. If you even *look* like you're trolling me or acting in bad faith, I'm not going to think twice about it. If I ask for clarification on something and you instead attack my skill set, that's kinda the definition of trolling.

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I am here to be happier than in my meatspace existence. I'm not interested in arguments (of the fighting kind; I like logical arguments) or being attacked.

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Today's status updates will be posted and updated on as @ashfurrow works in the background. Site may be up/down, so keep that link handy!

/cc @announcements

I'm starting to become disenchanged with netlify. I think status.m.t may be moving somewhere else after today.

Based on research and talking to other admins, the downtime for the 2.5.0 upgrade tomorrow *should* have limited downtime. However, migrations are expected to take at least several hours. I’m extending the maintenance window to be twelve hours, just in case. Thanks for your patience!

Good morning, tooters! There is instance maintenance today! Take this opportunity to do something fun away from the phone and keyboard!

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Interactions with my ex-wife remind me that if I’d chosen to stay alone, I would not be suffering from all the drama.

Then again, interactions with my nice client remind me that if I hadn’t moved here to begin with, I’d have never met him, because I’d have never met the guy that introduced me to him.

I think I have had too much alcohol tongiht. Good for sleep. Not good for tomorrow.

Gonna call it a night before Pandora kills the mood w/ a bad song.

Good night world!

♪FThe girls don't seem to care ♪ tonight ♪ F.M. ♪ No static at all ♪

♪ {Interlude} ♪

I love the KLF remix with Tammy Wynette in it.

I used to have a copy of "The White Room".

I miss it.


♪ They're justified and they're ancient ♪

So, this seems to be "enjoyable" for me, meaning I'm not *caring* about my pain:

Two 1 Liter glasses of 1oz Everclear to 23 oz Apple Juice.

It is not the most effective thing I've ever used to try to forget pain. In fact, it is the least, next to opoids and "nature's own".

But it's the cheapest.

OMG depeche mode. Pandora should play them more often.

Baba O'Riley, and then Bohemien Rhapsody.

Pandora is trying to get me off tonight, or at least make up for the past few days of dire fuckups.

A thought, semi-related: when one of my other friends brought me some of nature's own medicine recently, I personally decided that the laws on "DUI" are one-sided, biased by the able-bodied first-class moron.

For me, the week that the stuff my friend brought to me worked out because it lasted, the result of its usage was the most normal I'd felt since the surgery.

The upside: my drive home will be distraction free, because I'll be in a *lot* less pain.