SubEthaEdit 5.2.3 out now!
(App Store version to follow)

Includes new mode for wren ( ) for e.g. tic-80 and game engines.

Fixes issue with autosave and shared documents.

Fixes placement of first window.

SubEthaEdit 5.2.2 out now!

Includes fix for macOS 12 preventing scripts from being executed again after saving, and fixes support for services!

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SubEthaEdit 5.2.1 out now! (App Store version to follow)

Includes updated look of line numbers, move line up/down, and more.

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P.S.: sadly v5.2 included a wrong sparkle link so Website users need to update manually.

SubEthaEdit 5.2 out now! (Website, App Store might take a little)

Includes new macOS 11 style icon and interface modernisations.

@kater_s indeed sounds weird. For me in a short test it does. Can you file a issue on Github or do a quick screen recording with the text in question? It might be that it doesn't in code modes where there is no space after the full stop to enable a more complete autocomplete experience. In that case modifiying a specific mode might help you.

SubEthaEdit 5.1.6 is out now! (On the website that is, App Store does have weird hick-ups and may take a while)

Includes macOS 11 fixes for printing, a modernization of the document hub.

SubEthaEdit 5.1.5 is out now!

This update has full Apple Silicon Support, some macOS Big Sur adaptations and a higher default limit on Syntax Highlighting.

SubEthaEdit 5.1.3 is out now!

This update introduces markdown preview and addresses issues with folding and blockedit.

SubEthaEdit 5.1.2 is out now!

This update addresses issues with Spotlight opening, dark mode, hidden extension handling and more.

SubEthaEdit 5.1.1 is out now!

This update addresses some remaining issues for macOS 10.15 Catalina and has an improved bash mode.

SubEthaEdit 5.1 is out now!

This update addresses all known issues with macOS 10.15 Catalina, switches from using a tabbed window library to macOS native tabs and updates unerlying libraries.

SubEthaEdit 5.0.2 is out

Performance improvements with many windows. Line number bar overlap in Mojave without wrap. Small memory leaks. Markdown symbol navigation.

SubEthaEdit 5.0.1 is out.

Minor bugfixes, restored ODB editor support for Fetch as well as improved Elixir/Phoenix and Javascript support.

A big thank you all for downloading and enjoying this release. We've been overwhelmed by the response, and are happy to see that already contributions are happening.

Nice blast from the past: SubEthaEdit's block-editing feature together with a very stripy os:

I'm really happy SubEthaEdit finds a new home in open-source with a dedicated maintainer like @monkeydom. Still going strong after nearly 15 years.

SubEthaEdit 5 now available free of charge in the App Store and as direct download. The complete source code with history going back 15 years is also available under the MIT License.

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