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Who needs NTP when you can install a compressed air network to drive both public and private clocks? The Paris Pneumatic Clock Network and the Paris Compressed-Air Power Network

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You know what, I decided to darken the Pepper&Carrot website for the next days. I hope this will draw attention to the risk that creators incur with censorship machines and upload filters everywhere.


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One of my new favorite utilities is sponge(1) and it'll also soak up pee(1) I'M NOT BEING RUDE: Miek wrote that last one!

ls | pee "wc -l" | sponge out

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So you demand upload filters? I'll happily comply and will write one for my-own-little-startup.

But you know, to be able to filter out copyrighted material accurately, I now need access to the entire catalog of every single piece of copyrighted material in existence.

Can't wait! No floppies per snail-mail, please!

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"Comet" by Brandon Neil Wright. Someone should hire him for video game and film soundtracks! 🚀🌟 Album Art by yours truly. #gamedev #soundtrack #scifi #art #illustration #mastoart

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Could the operator do something? This is turning into a full-time job for me ….

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Mari0 combines Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Valve's Portal. A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros. with a focus on perfectly imitating the feel the 1985 classic gave us. Available for #Linux in the Snap Store now!

snap install mari0

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Dug out my "old" ThinkPad X220 a while back. Upgraded it from #Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04, then this week I bumped to 18.04 then 18.10 then today nudged it to 19.04. I love how well the upgrade system of Ubuntu works. No loss of data, no need for re-installs, no bother. Happy laptop.

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"The robotics industry is still on the rise; it is just extremely hard to make a profitable robotics company."

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I had to step out of my bubble.

You can't build an inclusive alternative unless you understand the people.

I'm still learning a lot thanks to the fediverse, and pixelfed is a reflection of that.

Together we are building a better and safer alternative to Instagram!


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The rise of movements we can only imagine now, but that could be similarly beneficial to that of Free Software, will be impeded by an Internet restricted by articles 11 and 13. It would be far better if articles 11 and 13 simply did not happen.

You can help stop this by getting in touch with your representative in the EU parliament. Find out how you can do this here:

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There's an alternative to Reddit on the Fediverse, it's called Prismo.

The first instance is here, and is open for sign-ups:

The project's Mastodon account is here:


Federation is still being worked on, but you can already follow Prismo users and comment on their posts from elsewhere on the Fediverse.

For example, here's the lead developer's Prismo account:


#Prismo #Reddit

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You need memes for #article11 #article12 #article13 #CopyrightDirective?

* article 13 will help Google to sell filters & control content
* article 12 will actually hurt content creators
* article 11 will create an extra "copyright-like" protection for little text snippets

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I've tooted while 3D printing this lampshade last week - and as promised, here is a photo of it in "action".

Still a bit of stringing to clean up, but if I may say so myself, this looks rather stunning!

ESP8266-powered with an HTTP API to remotely control it and make it light up to indicate events 😊

#3dprint #photo

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