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* No use for the purpose of extracting oil, gas, or coal.
* No use for the purpose of facilitating child labor.
* No use for the purpose of discrimination or hate speech towards disadvantaged groups on the basis of...
* Sex
* Sexual Orientation
* Gender Identity
* Race
* Age
* Disability
* Color
* National Origin
* Religion
* Lower Economic Status

The Non-Violent Public License intentionally does not meet the Free Software Definition because of the restrictions put in place to protect others from violence aided by the use of the copyrighted work. "Freedom 0" is explicitly violated to afford these protections and prevent unethical usage of the program to actually Free Society.This license does preserve freedoms 1-3 and can be referred to as a "three freedoms" license.


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I think the thing I resent most about modern program design is the lack of customizability. with old versions of Windows Media player or winamp I could really customize things how I wanted, when amp by default how do you able to drag your playlist your media library and so on anywhere you wanted, even before you got into skins.

now I can't even turn off the fleets bar at the top of Twitter, or disable Tumblr from showing me a weird poll thing at the top.

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techbros hate methods of justice that acknowledge the existence of social inequality, like diversity quotas and reparations.

this includes fossbros.

so fossbros are bound to hate things like the npl/cnpl.

if we made a linux distro and release everything distro-specific with an ethical/anticapitalist license like npl, fossbros would hate it.

so they'd make endless aggressive threads on birdsite, but would never want to use or contribute to it.

so the distro could have an actually kind community for marginalised people.

also we could do what capitalists do and just appropriate any existing software released under permissive licenses, make minor modifications (suggestion: cute themes) and relicense the fork. (maybe easier to pull off a *bsd distro due to this.)

haha, j/k… unless? 💦 👉👈

I'm making it on Twine, which is annoying but I guess less annoying than having to actually learn enough Python or jQuery to do this lol

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hmm I'm thinking about making something like but where people can input things (such as the pronoun dressing room) instead of only using presets

the presets are useful for people who just want to know what kind of neolanguage elements are around, but they can be restrictive for people who use more uncommon language sets

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I award the "best software name ever" distinction to Nero Burning ROM

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meta, fediblock 

Hey folks, this one started using the crossposter and I noticed when they tweeted about it:, it's covid denial, plus some maga shit.

The profile of what seems to be the admin back on the :birdsite:



I've been trying and failing to get messages from my fiancée/confirm each other's accounts for a while now... I wonder if the problem is with the server :/

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@stolas i would genuinely use this for like

"This needs a cw but the actual cw would be spoilers for [whatever]"

and then the real cw

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birbsite crosspost 


i hope people understand that the ecological cost of crypto is not an ‘unfortunate side effect’ but is instead the very means by which it claims value at all


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also, uh, from the looks of things, I dunno if Matrix will really be decentralized the same way the Fediverse is, considering Matrix servers seem to be very heavy? So I worry about Matrix being able to be a viable alternative to Telegram and WhatsApp...

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I should make a new Matrix account, but I have no idea where tbh

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internet capitalism, negative 

every time i go outside of the decentralized internet, it sure does feel like the internet basically ended

search engines don't work, every link leads to capitalist social media, and all the contact links are discord servers. it's inhospitable

meta, more general than a specific situation 

People often talk about how there should be X mods for Y users like a formula and uhh I really think it depends on the situation?

For instance, in we have a ton of mostly empty accounts with filled bios where people were just like "oh wow it's so inclusive and there are so many emojis, I love it here" and then left because Twitter still has more people/their friends/whatever, so we often don't actually have whatever the active user count says.

I've never been rejected from an instance, but I do wonder how long I should wait before assuming my account request was rejected. 🤔

Now that Monsterpit is down, I think I'll pay for my own cloud hosting and use Nextcloud... I could even post some of my videos there, too? >_>

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Does anyone happen to know of good programming fundamentals resources in Bangla that are not Youtube videos?

A classmate could really need some, she finds enough stuff on youtube but not much else. I think she'd especially benfit from interactive things. Ideally for C, Java, PHP or Python, since these are the languages our classes have touched upon so far.

I will suggest codecademy to her, but I know that English resources can be more like an additional burden to her.

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