I wish coding was easier. I hit walls in both my current projects. >_>

the Epicyon journey (16) 

- Updated Epicyon to its last commit. I tested the new quoting function and it didn't work very well.

- The default allowlist now works!

- I was finally able to install pylint on my computer. Pylint found an object that didn't have all class elements defined. I fixed that, but I'm not sure if that has actually fixed something, or what that thing fixed.

- I am currently trying to implement a local timeline, but I'm sure a part of the code I need to write is missing...

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terf bullshit 

Apparently an infosec company found a vulnerability in Giggle (the app that requires a selfie to confirm that you're a woman, not the git frontend), and terf bullshit ensued: https://research.digitalinterruption.com/2020/09/10/giggle-laughable-security/

the Epicyon journey (15) 

Bad news: The default allowedinstances.txt thing does not work.

Good news: Usernames with capital letters in them seem to be working!

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the Epicyon journey (14) 

I was able to make it so new accounts automatically have a default allowlist attributed to them.

With this, I guess I want to start thinking about how to get input for rules and such? We have big posts available and polls, but I'd like something like a form or at least Reddit-like threads or something...?

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the Epicyon journey (13) 

So the problem was fixed, after two more layers of problem solving:

1. I was using an allowed domain federation list, and didn't have my own domain in there. Now the local domain is always federated by default.

2. Comments in blog posts couldn't be deleted for some reason.

But yeah, I couldn't fix those things by myself. :'D

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the Epicyon journey (12) 

update: now deletion doesn't return an error anymore

but it still does not work

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the Epicyon journey (11) 

Yeah, apparently that was the problem. This error was happening because a commit made it so it was inside the authorized thing instead of the non authorized thing while simplifying the code.


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the Epicyon journey (10) 

I think this is the problem with deleting a post: it will always return a 400 error code and stop trying to do anything else after that

but that's just a theory

a programming theory

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I need to remember to give more HD space to my Ubuntu VM where I have my Mastodon test instance, especially since I probably should have an Epicyon instance there as well now, but I'll probably forget to do that...

the Epicyon journey (9) 

So apparently, one of the things that was making post deletion impossible was a check with the wrong name. It should be YTReplacementDomain, but it was TYReplacementDomain instead. That was fixed.

Now the delete confirmation screen can be reached, but an error 400 still occurs if I try to delete a post. :aaaa_trans:

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the Epicyon journey (8) 

Oh yeah, I also changed donate.py so people can put Padrim, Apoia.se or Benfeitoria links (some Brazilian subscriber/donation sites) on their donate links.

The code is a bit weird for all donation checks since people can still use, say, paypal.phishing.site and it will work because it contains "paypal", but I'm not too concerned for now.

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the Epicyon journey (7) 

So some things I want to do are:

- Build a local and/or federated timeline (getting either one right would be a miracle tbh)

- Make it so individual users can pick their own themes (only admins can right now)

- Implement a working Portuguese translation

- Understand how blogs and shares work there, tbh (they are different from posts)

- Maybe make it so it's visible whether someone is sharing/boosting or posting something, because right now it's not

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the Epicyon journey (6) 

So I had to reset the translation for now (I can see about implementing a variable or something later so the translation doesn't break internal things).

I also fixed/tried to fix the whole "all username characters are forced to be lowercase" thing. Federation with remote accounts that have uppercase characters seems to be working now. I'm not completely sure about local accounts, but I think they should work.

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the Epicyon journey (5) 

There were some problems with that, though. For instance, all the buttons had a fixed width and a max width CSS properties. Those were removed.

Finding a translation for "DM" that worked both for the DM tab and the DM privacy type was also hard (and I don't think having just DM instead of plural/singular versions in English is ideal either).

But the worst thing is that the translation broke sending posts, since the internal send function/property/whatever got translated as well. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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the Epicyon journey (4) 

After that, I was ready to customize stuff. One of the first things I wanted to do was change the language, and luckily someone had already translated everything into Portuguese.

Parts of the translation were pretty weird. For instance, March (the month) was translated as march (the type of walking), and the translation for word filters implied the field was talking about filters for Microsoft Word. But the translation files aren't very long, so whatever, I quickly fixed them.

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the Epicyon journey (3) 

The second weird thing was a federation problem. Isa fixed that too; apparently, it was some kind of webfinger check that needed to be done in a different order.

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the Epicyon journey (2) 

So I bought a domain, and tried to install Epicyon at the same server my Plume server (amplifi.casa) is.

I didn't have Python installed, though, so @QueerNeko installed it for me and did some other things I guess?

Well, the first weird thing that happened was that ze tried to register as "QueerNeko". Ze succeeded, but couldn't edit hir own profile; the URL (queerneko) didn't match the username. I had to change some server files so everything used queerneko instead.

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