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An old fashion, but modern Not so Common Desktop Environment (NsCDE) updated up to version 2.2 for all Sparky supported archs

The old fashion Common Desktop Environment (CDE) updated up to version 2.5.0; only amd64 build passed successfuly

Dear friends!
Less than 7 days left to the end of the July and our donation belt stopped at 53% :-(
Unfortunately, we are not entitled to any cover allowances, etc. from our country, that's why we count on your help.
Will you help us collect missing amount for the next month, please?
Aneta and Paweł

Updates in Sparky repos: firefox-sparky 103.0, firefox-esr-sparky 102.1.0esr, tor-browser 11.5.1; the tor-browser still bases on Firefox 91.x ESR; there are two ESR branches in Mozilla repos in this moment: 91.x and 102.x

The 'firefox-esr-sparky' (long term support) package updated from version 91 to 102; make sure 'firefox-sparky' and 'firefox-esr-sparky' are available in the same version 102.0.1 now

According to the vbox module problem on Sparky testing (7), there is a problem with external kernel modules in general, on Linux kernel 5.17 & 5.18 - difficult to build them; to work around the problem, there is new LTS sparky kernel (5.15) in repos to be installed via 'linux-image-sparky-lts-amd64' meta package, and its headers too.

Due to a problem with compiling vbox module of Debian's package on Sparky tesing (7), I moved the Oracle Vbox bullseye deb and missing deps as well to testing repos; so if you need Vbox on Sparky 7 - I suggest to install 'virtualbox-6.1' package instead of 'virtualbox' now

Today’s update on Sparky testing (7) of GRUB bootloader provides a notable change – it does not list other operating systems on the GRUB menu any more, so fix it:

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