Dear friends!
Less than 7 days left to the end of the July and our donation belt stopped at 53% :-(
Unfortunately, we are not entitled to any cover allowances, etc. from our country, that's why we count on your help.
Will you help us collect missing amount for the next month, please?
Aneta and Paweł

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@SparkyLinux I just wonder. Do you have infra to compile everything yourself? Do you need to maintain such infra? There really is a difference between a spinoff and a distro. I mean In my 16 year career doing all that on Sabayon and now on MocaccinoOS we never needed this much money at all. And we are a TRUE distro. I obviously never got paid for the 20 hours a week I worked on that past years. And I do not mind. Either way good luck.

Have you considered the possiblity of supporting by monero?

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