According to the vbox module problem on Sparky testing (7), there is a problem with external kernel modules in general, on Linux kernel 5.17 & 5.18 - difficult to build them; to work around the problem, there is new LTS sparky kernel (5.15) in repos to be installed via 'linux-image-sparky-lts-amd64' meta package, and its headers too.

Due to a problem with compiling vbox module of Debian's package on Sparky tesing (7), I moved the Oracle Vbox bullseye deb and missing deps as well to testing repos; so if you need Vbox on Sparky 7 - I suggest to install 'virtualbox-6.1' package instead of 'virtualbox' now

Today’s update on Sparky testing (7) of GRUB bootloader provides a notable change – it does not list other operating systems on the GRUB menu any more, so fix it:

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