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Hello Fediverse! I'm a writer and programmer. I like people and enjoy learning new ways to see our world. I also really into the solitude of hiking and camping - nothing better than a long walk with a good book.

I use , , and interchangeably, per project needs, and I freely admit I'm often juggling too many things.

I've been nurturing a Boston Fern for several years, we're really starting to get to know one another.

Say hello, I bet we could be friends 😎

Let's take back to basic needs. Canned and bottled sleep. That's what we need. A viable, rem stable, anabolic, artisanal circadian beverage.

Craft would be huge. Techno-monks in monasteries brewing thousand herb seasonal prolactin drafts in traditional rem barrels. Big bearded tattooed hipsters aging slow-wave paradoxical cocktails in hand-blown glass casks...

Grandma back home with her own little recipe that always reminds you of the naps you used to take as a kid.

Dear Org-mode,

It's my fault. I should've found you a long time ago. Actually, that's kind of a lie. I heard whispers years ago but you seemed difficult, mysterious, and maybe dangerous... I was drunk on my own skillset & so I listened to the lies when I should've been asking questions. But you're here now and I am no longer afraid. All my docs are bulleted, imbued with dates, dynamic hierarchies, export nirvana... epub, pdf, md, tex are all loyal collaborators now.

p.s. Vim loves the extra help.

What does a developer say to another Rust developer, after bumping into them at a conference?

"Long time no C!"

(thank you, thank you, I'm here all week!)

The US military wants to understand the most important software on Earth - Open-source code runs on every computer on the planet—and keeps America’s critical infrastructure going. DARPA is worried about how well it can be trusted


#linux #opensource #technology #unix

Why would I leave the command line? It's scary out there. The GUI is bright and full of *scripts..

It's a lifetime of small consistent stances that matters most. We can't win every fight but the good news is, we don't have to.

Finished off my West Coast trip with two new !

A colorful Pacific Northwest on the left and an anti-war bird saying "There is more power in peace than violence" on the right.

huh, in likes to freeze when inputing to: addresses ... must be a safari side issue but no time (or inclination) to explore it...

I like this form factor and display, it's going to make a very nice linux/bsd machine 😎

Met up with a new generation of farmers yesterday who want to use IoT to help improve value and productivity. They're waiting for government grant to help with their R&D. I introduced them to open source and that they can start right away. They're very excited by the prospects.
RT @Mikepeeljourno
"To feed an increasingly hungry planet, [the] new farming revolutionaries must produce more with less." >>> See and read how agricultu…

Big shout out for my MVPs today:




What a team! You guys know everything :awesome: ...about my Xsetup

Poll about gemini community, wondering how much publishers and readers overlap, & whether there's a significant population of "lurkers".

A: I publish using gemini.

B: I follow gemini capsules / gemlogs on the regular.

If you wanna plug your gemini capsule / gemlog in the replies, feel free to! Would love to see folks' work.

(I don't have a capsule online currently.)

Boosts appreciated!

Detail of the Lagoon Nebula, cloudy regions giving birth to new stars as seen from my fucking driveway

“‘I’m very proud’ – French president Emmanuel Macron bites back at criticism after ‘Uber files’ revelations”

That’s because you’re a neoliberal cunt of the first degree, Monsieur le Président.

#macron #uber #neoliberalism #institutionalCorruption #france #siliconValley

nothing a computer does should ever feel like magic
if something a computer does feels like magic, that's because it doesn't sufficiently inform you (the user) of what it is actually doing or allow you to create a mental model of the system

Hello. Please give my your favourite #godot #godotengine learning resources please and thank you. Any format will do.

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