It's totally impossible to work today. Someone is moaning in the toilets. Teammates are watching anime and my boss is exploring his new ability to transform into cat.

Is my marketing skill enought to sell non-existant game with Photoshop-made screenshots? What do you think? 😄

@mralex Once in life everybody will write own rendering engine. Just 4 lulz. That's okay to be interested in self-education through developing useless things =3

@padraic_padraic @Unity I'm sorry. Just imported last n posts from their twitter in the first run. Also, I'm going to filter it from Retweets. Any other suggestions to improve bot?

@Mastodon, what about multiaccount features for web mastodon like Tweetdeck does? Would greatly simplify posting to both personal and corporate accounts. If you have any connection with developers - say them that design is a bit too minimalist and font don't support Cyrillic, so Russian version of website sucks

Wow. That would be quite unusual for me as I mostly work with C# and JS/TS =3

@oleary why do we need another instance? There is already so many out there and they can fit all users with ease.

You can't imagine how disgusting it is when tweet about receives more likes than your original tweets about things you've spent life on.

And now I guess that being Otis Milburn is actually much better than being Pavel Nakonechnyy. And Maeve Wiley would be awesome as hell.

Oh, fuck. I've almost forgotten about . Well, here we are: new footage of TotallyNotOriginalPlatformer. You can find more about game on my blog:

Saturday report #2: Updates about TotallyNotOriginalPlatformer and new game, I've started developing with my friend. Check out at

Sex Education is actually one of the best series I've seen in the last few years. It perfectly describes the feelings of people of all ages. While watching, we feel connected with the world and story line.
You can't watch Sex Education without liking one character more than the others. Director perfectly makes characters and their actions personal for us, and we start thinking the way this character would.
You can't watch Sex Education and stay the exact same person.

And not only pixelfed. is there too. It's just and old video from one of my mobile arcades, released for android. As instance I've chosen

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