Hello! By way of I am a computer programmer and newish father who is interested in , network security and privacy, and . It's been a good year for me.

How are you?

I've been really enjoying from on the Switch. I don't typically play twin stick shooters or run & guns. Would I find most this fun?

First patch is in, which fixes some common complaints.

Bitcoin is very unstable. Just like everyone said is the problem with money whose supply you cannot control. Rapid deflation, which would happen on the gold standard too. Though, more slowly I hope.

Mastodon - No link previews, uploading an image includes a link to that image in the post?

It's like a computer programmer tried to design a social network.

Mastodon is the sexy new upstart. But glad to see standard protocols are letting me follow people from many different SN software. I hope this is part of the future.

What I really want is a social network that lets you put posts in categories. And people can say 'No, I don't want Shawn's political posts, yes I do want his tech posts. No, he posts too much about Star Trek.'

More likely: Yes to personal updates, no to everything else.

I guess I just described Google+. Why aren't new social network sites incorporating this innovation?

I really like Wire messenger. As secure as Signal, almost as private, but also lets you be anon, if that's what you want. As a bonus, it's truly multi-device (but no server stored history).

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