And before you @ me. Yes, we all know that 149.896229MHz would be more accurate, but the "2m band" we actually have allocated is 144.0-148.0 MHz, and is commonly called "The 144Mhz band" or "2m band" because all these numbers are close enough for casual conversation.

Also, that's for the speed of light in a vacuum, guess what; It's slower in air, and significantly slower in many other materials.

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Sending media from my >apple< phone to my >apple< computer shouldn't be this hard.

1/ AirDrop unidirectionally fails. My computer can see my phone, but not the other way around.
2/ iMessage has only ever shown UUIDs for content rather than... the content. Like, ever.
3/ iTunes: Phone can only pair with one computer at a time, and this one isn't it.
4/ Email seems to simply disappear into the void. This is only a 11MB video, it shouldn't overwhelm fucking GOOGLE.
4/ Fuck it. I'll send a slack to myself.

ANCH, Sexually Suggestive 

One of $wife's indulgences are this little tiny jars of french custard. I've been reusing them to store buttermilk leftover from home-churning butter.

Her today: "Is this actual custard? Or some of your buttermilk?"
Me: "Is it firm or watery?"
Her: "Firm"
Me: "Then it's either custard or I've had buttermilk in the fridge WAY too long."

Ouch. They're so young that they've never heard of DVI.

I wonder how they'd react to centronix connector. Or anything modem related.

My cat has reached an age where self-grooming is difficult. Today we discovered that her desire to be clean outweighs her fear of the vacuum.

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Don't forget, Americans. Our already horrific concentration camps at the border are now turning into death camps thanks to COVID.

Still think the Nazi comparisons are over-stated?

WestWorld S3E2 

Why does everything taste like soap all of a sudden?

Me: Installing PHP on a raspberry Pi to do some light web scripting with.

Ubuntu: We have 7.2 available as a pre-built package.

Me (the actual release manager for the 7.2 branch): Eeewww, gross. That's ancient. I'll compile it myself k'thx.

Narrator: She didn't even need later versions.

Okay: Pi4 "radiohead" is setup and ready to work (in theory).

1/ ADS-B receiver with dump1090-flightaware maps directly under ORD flight path.
2/ WA9ORC receiver and nightly net recorder (text-to-speech is still a WIP)
3/ Wireless-to-wired bridge for my SharkRF OpenSpot 1 DMR repeater.

Now hopefully I'll be able to pick up 2.4Ghz wifi from the garage attic once I install it...

Me: Time for bed. *closes eyes*

My brain: *has anxiety*

Me: Fine, if I can't sleep, I'll play some video games.
Me: Hrmmm, how about DOOM...


Chicago had to cancel the usual St. Patrick's Day festivities and didn't even bother dying the river green.

Fortunately, everyone with coronavirus puked into it and we got the same effect.

Oh FFS. "Hey, let's save a vanishingly small fraction of a penny by telling the spec to go fuck itself and use one resistor instead of two." --Raspberry Pi4 designers.

Pi4 not working with some chargers

I have a reputation for swearing. At work, on OSS projects, courtrooms, confessionals, nurseries, wherever. This is usually a manifestation of frustration and disappointment in the lack of care shown by others in the exercise of their craft.

But if you hear me say, "Oh... bless it." RUN. That's when I'm really angry. That's when shit is about to get real and you had better duck because mucus plugs are going to fly.

Pray you never hear me say, "Bless your heart."

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