One of the saddest phrases ever spoken:

"Starting route to Walmart Super Center."


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I own every NFT.

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Can't wait to find out that Elon Musk is a muti-year scheme, either by a bunch of capitalists to manipulate markets and make a bunch of money, or by some kind of shadowy Italian art collective as a piece of satire, or both

Little known historical fact: Beethoven's cat was named Elise, and it was when she was shedding, he was inspired to compose "Fur Elise".

:boost_ok:​ Poland could be passing a law that makes it illegal to "promote homosexuality". It bans talking about LGBT people in schools, pride marches, and public endorsment of LGBT. So LGBT folkel, please get out of Poland if you're there. source:

#lgbtrights #poland #lgbtq

join me in appreciating this absolutely batshit cartoon from an article on digital safety in a gun magazine

i feel insane when i advocate for gradients of animal personhood but idfk what else to do with knowledge like “octopi resent captivity and have gone on hunger strikes”

my partner and i are currently living with their abusive parents after being evicted by our last landlord. our polymate is getting a new place so if anyone can help us out with moving costs/fuel/etc, i'd really owe you one. thank you fedi <3

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund @mutualaid @anarchomutual

When am I going to see Mastodon handles with the Twitter, Facebook YouTube, Instagram, etc. handle lists businesses have?

i heard facebook is rebranding to just an emoji of zuckerberg's face

hrt shitpost 

every morning she wakes up in excitement and disbelief

"what the fuck i have boobs now thats so poggers!!", she exaclaims, as she realizes that she indeed, does have boobs

I hope you all have a terrific weekend. Whatever you do, hug someone you love and do something you truly enjoy.

if i had a nickel for every time i had to block an alt-right social media network that was clearly just a GPL-violating fork of mastodon for fascists, i'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

I know I've complained about it before, but dealing with recruiters can be dehumanizing sometimes. Am I a frontend engineer, or a backend engineer? I don't know, I just code C++ for TV boxes! At least now I feel like I better understand people who reject the gender binary.

boost to save a linux user 

to exit vim you have to type :q


update: i sent my boss the B emoji and still have no response about getting my pay for september

anybody feel like employing a highly skilled but expensive enby girl

food, lewd 

screaming in agony after accidentally touching my dick with the habanero hand

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