Hello everyone✌️Took me a while to setup my new Mobile, but now i am back \o/ what have i missed?

I am focused on the challenges of tackling in a collaborative manner.

The next generation tools involves that each person has his/her own CMS-based web site as their communication central.

Do away with centralized solutions, welcome self-hosted , and (X includes both S (Systems) and F (Frameworks).

needs "Finally-Flexible-Features-For-Increased-Automation"... To all the folks buying the hype: We need .

Re-asking: I'm looking for a short list of useful links for a Mastodon user. I had several, lost them due to my incompetence.

@Gargron What about an instance where only other instances can join as users?

Is the feature where one can filter out posts in certain languages implemented? It seems to me it is not working.

Must watch documentary: Nobody Speak – Trials of the Free Press (Netflix original)

“The documentary is themed around the effects of big money on American journalism. [It] focuses on two cases: Peter Thiel financing wrestler Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker Media, and casino owner Sheldon Adelson's secret purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”


I have been away from Mastodon for several months and have misplaced my list of useful resources.

Is there a central place where ideas about the Mastodon system are discussed?

Is there a bot that reports on number of users and activity level for this Mastodon instance? Damn, it seems to be pretty quiet...

Any progress towards supporting a group feature in Mastodon? Ability to follow a topic-oriented stream would be nice.


The photo on the left is the rear brake light and turn signal on a 1979 Land Rover. The one on the right is from a 2016 Lexis. The contrast probably comes as close as anything to capturing my fascination with the vintage truck. So simple. So clean. Pure function.

Don't you just love language-creep. Or to put it another way:

'A big ask' is not correct British English, it's an Americanism that appears to have caught on, and we have forgotten to laugh at it as ridiculously American, and then, correctly, forgotten.

Probably showing my age again (;*


Part 1 of 2

“Lost a friend today in an argument”

Assuming it takes x amount of time for someone to become a friend… how long does it take for them to no longer be my friend? Can it happen in an instant? What is the essence of a friendship? Must it be shared?


Have been away for several weeks. Is Mastodon still a thing? The buzz has certainly died down.

🆕I created this table of 6 Android applications below:

📌MastoPane for mastodon
📌mastty for Mastodon
📌Cosian for Twitter & Mastodon

The function list and the function compare table of Mastodon client for Android


Start with Snow Crash. Not his first novel but his breakout, cult classic.

I would then read in the following order:


If you enjoy these (and for god's sake don't tell me if you don't)... pull up your socks and take a run at The Baroque Cycle.

A trilogy of three, thousand page tomes, that is easily the best historical fiction I'll ever read.


I'm reminded of the Steven Wright joke:

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"

BTW I find that Evan You is very good at disentangling the narratives and hype around various frameworks and evaluating them honestly in terms of performance tradeoffs, limitations in benchmarks, subtleties in what "fast" means, etc. His talks are all worth watching:

- youtu.be/Ag-1wmHWwS4
- youtu.be/r4pNEdIt_l4

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