Mastodon is prone to bubbles.

When you look for new people to follow you check the public timelines, which by design mostly contains people already followed by people on your instance. It's hard to break out of that.

Here's what you do.

1) Go to but change the last bit to a hashtag of your choosing.

2) Click boost on all the cool stuff.

Also, use hashtags in your own posts and boost cool stuff with gay abandon!

#mastodon #meta

Another nice fediverse-enhancing habit that I enjoy is:

1) When you make a public post, use a hashtag.

2) Immediately click the hashtag.

3) Boost something cool and recent from that hashtag.

#mastodon #meta

Top floor of a highrise, one whole apartment. Fire Dept is here.

@rrix @nightpool so far, i don't know why is 503ing bridgy fed's inbox delivery POST. your site seems to be set up ok, eg works fine.

one interesting thing to note is that evidently runs a fork of mastodon, . i doubt that's the cause of the problem here, but it's possible.

#PlexodusTools update for #Blogger owners who had #GooglePlus Comments widget enabled for their blog: has had some big updates in the past week, specifically the section.

bin/ can be used to archive all #GPlus Comments for your Blogger blog.

Note, most of these tools can also be used if you use Google+ Comments for Sites.

Tomorrow we are doing an AMA on /r/technology, @F_Kaltheuner and @CJFWeatherhead will be answering questions on #Facebook tracking in #Android

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Every time I sign up for some website, I use a unique email address just for that site. The idea is that if spam arrives, I'll be able to see immediately who sold me out or whose database has been compromised.

Now I get email every day from some scammer. The message makes some bullshit claims, and demands a bitcoin payment.

I'm not surprised this is happening, but am surprised at the number and range of websites whose databases have been stolen.

#security #email #ransom

oh wow, upon investigating the history of art-bots, I came across a Usenet bot called Mark V Chaney (a play on Markov Chain) that dates back to 1984! Possibly the first ever Art-Bot:

apologies for everyone i just follow spammed, thinking about moving to

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