#PlexodusTools update for #Blogger owners who had #GooglePlus Comments widget enabled for their blog:
github.com/FiXato/Plexodus-Too has had some big updates in the past week, specifically the github.com/FiXato/Plexodus-Too section.

bin/export_blogger_comments.sh can be used to archive all #GPlus Comments for your Blogger blog.

Note, most of these tools can also be used if you use Google+ Comments for Sites.

Tomorrow we are doing an AMA on /r/technology, @F_Kaltheuner and @CJFWeatherhead will be answering questions on #Facebook tracking in #Android

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Every time I sign up for some website, I use a unique email address just for that site. The idea is that if spam arrives, I'll be able to see immediately who sold me out or whose database has been compromised.

Now I get email every day from some scammer. The message makes some bullshit claims, and demands a bitcoin payment.

I'm not surprised this is happening, but am surprised at the number and range of websites whose databases have been stolen.

#security #email #ransom

oh wow, upon investigating the history of art-bots, I came across a Usenet bot called Mark V Chaney (a play on Markov Chain) that dates back to 1984! Possibly the first ever Art-Bot:

apologies for everyone i just follow spammed, thinking about moving to ~~cybre.space~~

Thank you for reporting me to me on my own personal site. In the future, I recommend you try the unfollow feature.

Being a "decent human" isn't enough. When you create a Mastodon instance on a very challenging 2D-platformer.

My family started to realize how bad data collection is and that we're doomed. My mom was a bit skeptical about it being true and kept asking "well, so what? I don't care about it". I asked her if she'd like someone to know every little thing she was doing throughout the day, without her knowledge.

She seemed surprised and started to accept that the problem is real.

#OpenStreetMap is a user-created detailed map of the entire world:


Like Wikipedia anyone can use or edit it, and the content is free and open. There are no ads or trackers either.

For apps, we would recommend OsmAnd for Android/iOS: osmand.net

(OsmAnd is also available on @fdroidorg )

There's an English-speaking OSM community at en.osm.town who run a mirror of the OSM twitter at @openstreetmap

#AlternativesAtoZ #Maps #Mapping #DeleteGoogle

For mastodon.technology status updates from admin, especially during downtime, please use status.mastodon.technology

Thank you to @SuperFloppies for building this and to @sporiff for helping test it ❤️

Work on my Mastodon app for Mac progresses!

I've been mostly working on the main UI features, and the last feature to be done was adding new content columns so you can browse from different timelines at the same time (home, public, local). You'll be able to have as many columns as it fits in your screen (though the columns do have a minimum width).

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