Has the tide turned? I feel no terror.

— Cerol Vúsheshtân, militia commander

About damn time. The treatment of the Islanders has been an utter disgrace. British imperialists need to go the hell home.


In today's New Dark Ages news:

"Scepticism about the use of vaccines for children has risen across Europe in line with votes for populists, according to a study, which proposes that public health officials should track populist parties in opinion polls as a proxy signal for vaccine hesitancy.

Big surges in the number of measles cases and deaths map to countries where populist parties have become prominent – in particular, Greece, Italy and France."


I have been away from people for a long time. I'm not lonely.

— Mörul Tulonlerom, Pump Operator

I was rescued. I'm very grateful.

— Sodel Rithlutcilob, Fish Cleaner

This is what has done to our society. needs to wake the hell up and take a stand.

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I had a bath with soap! I'm very content.

— Ilral Stizashdegël, Tavern Keeper

Ethics and laws aren't the same thing, esp. when law is written by those who commit ethical breaches they seek to legalise

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