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presentation got me thinking. What is the natural progression of programming languages? then my dad would be t-rex!Dr.Strange and hence in a world of super heroes (and villains) I would be anxious I suppose.
Call some friends and family. Try and organize an event. When I feel this way it actually turns out I was lonely.

There's no reaction from the character. Panels 3 and 4 have no intermediary.
I give it 3 sinister Stevens.

What's the maximum acceptable number of guilty men going free before one innocent man gets punished?

@Riverman while highly admirable, making things like this "law" scare me, it's always better to change the culture than force a law, there are many unforseen circumstances which arise from forcing laws for cultural issues on groups of people.

Anyone in the San Diego County area looking for a roomate?

@eibriel I think you make the mistake of assuming that the average person knows how to program semi-state-of-the-art artificial intelligent systems.

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