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The services offered on

- - instance Mastodon
- - DoH and DoT DNS server
- - Cryptpad instance
- - xmpp server
- - disposable email addresses
- - online RSS client
- - online pastebin
- - Nextcloud instance
- - image hosting
- - Gitea instance

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This is something I didn't talk about yet, but you can expect /e/OS on
@PINE64 #Pinebook in a near future.

Then will probably have a version for Olimex @olimex laptops, and then /e/OS for #Pinephone

#mydataisMYdata #android #ungoogle #opensource

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> Firefox Private Network is a desktop extension that helps secure and protect your connection everywhere you use Firefox.

VPN From Mozilla

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F-Droid will soon have stricter requirements for apps showing up in the "Latest" tab in the F-Droid app:

If you are an app developer consider adding good descriptions, screenshots and a "Whats's New" section for your app.

If you notice that your favourite app doesn't fulfill all these requirements consider notifying the app's developers or just help them with a merge request adding the missing info to the source repo.

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JAMI - free & clear video / audio calls!

Now that Microshaft is making Skype even more worse check out Jami: text messaging, video & audio calls, file transfer, video conferencing...

Jami is free as in freedom software / open source to empower the respect for your privacy.

Conference calls with an unlimited number of participants with crystal clear Opus audio quality of 48 kHz.

#Jami #deleteSkype #Skype #videocalls #deleteMicrosoft #conferencing #IM #messenger

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G-Droid 0.7.0 is now available on . This version shows apps similar to your installed apps and apps you might also like. Give it a try! This is a new experience to browse apps of the F-Droid repository.

Another good thing: it does all these things without stealing your data to analyze it or do any kind of tracking. 😍

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We have received the @Puri_sm Librem5 development kit.
I think that Librem5+/e/ would be a perfect fit.
Anybody interested in porting it?
Big challenge, but we can help! #mydataismydata #opensource #Android #androidcommunity

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For those who have been waiting: Part 2 of my F-Droid series is now online!

F-Droid for advanced users and developers

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There's been some progress in producing actual free software builds of the Android SDK. We'll need some help tp bring it over the finish line:

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Dear all, I'm very pleased to announce that /e/ is now supporting 5 more devices:

- Xiaomi Mi 4c ("libra")
- Wileyfox Swift ("crackling")
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005/P) ("hlte")
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (International 3G) ("ha3g")
- Samsung Galaxy S6 edge ("zeroltexx")

Download & test now at:

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It's time for The Roundup #11, your bytes of #Solus news. In this roundup, we're talking about all the availability of our public Plasma testing ISO, latest stack upgrades we've performed, and an update on feedback for improving community engagement!

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Don't hesitate to discover Alva. A design software to prototype with code components and it's open source. I discovered this morning and that sounds interesting 😮 💥

#design #tools #ux #prototype

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