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Doom was released 25 years ago today. It was about 2.39 MB, the size of an average webpage today. News sites average closer to 8 MB.

Please shotgun the javascript demons and make more efficient & accessible websites.

So far the Xfce Terminal but I might give URxvt a try

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We've got 2 new alphas out: Tor Browser and Tor Browser for Android.

On the Android side, we reached another milestone in our efforts to reach stable shape: Orbot is no longer necessary in order to use Tor Browser for Android 🙌

On the desktop side, we included a new Tor alpha version ( to help stabilize the networking code.

Full changelog:

A little bit of research of how online privacy is being violated makes you realize how big the issue really is.

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I like my potatoes like I like my passwords, hashed and salted.

That moment when you realize you have everything to build your desktop computer when your CPU arrives. -cpus

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