Programming is like a murder mystery where you're the victim, and also the detective, and also the murderer as it turns out.

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Chandler choked and died on this concept, spawned a great book Dreaming In Code. They wanted this super flexible object database model that would allow people to recontextualize any bit of information intelligently within their workflow (e.g. turn a text memo into an email into a calendar event by manipulation of the fields) and organize that information based in object inherited implicit tags as well as user tags.

Two aliens are flying near earth. The first one says, "The dominant life form here have developed satellite based nuclear weapons." The second one says, "Are they an emerging intelligence?" The first one says, "I don't think so, they have it aimed at themselves." (X-post from /r/jokes)
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@lobsters The enthusiasm people have, lately, for misinterpreting Postel is appalling. TIL Mastodon has threading. Clicking on any post body to view the thread is super easy and super non-obvious to find. Are you thinking of 'idiocy'? Can be interpreted as idiotic behavior, or as just the idiotic thinking itself.

Reminder: don't actually delete your Yahoo account because they can reissue your email address to the next person who wants it:

@enkiv2 @sten0_SE @abbenm Most democratic countries have long developed legal frameworks for journalists and their publishing organisations, specifically protecting their source material and informants.

Doesn't help much when the journalists dish out unedited original documents by themselves.

I doubt that I'll say anything controversial enough to have me tracked down and killed, but I don't like the idea of people being able to figure out my location just in case some person can be persuaded to seriously injure/kill me in retaliation for my speaking about something that aggrieved them/the persuader. Fear of this could likely lead to a self-censoring when publicly engaging and more of a desire to be anonymous, but being anonymous is getting progressively harder. #privacy #censorship

I should write more.

The number of parallels between writing software and writing prose is uncomfortable. The solitude, the potential for success despite that aloneness, the mythology of spasmodic genius, the inevitably tenuous connection to "the real world"'s all disturbingly appealing to me, in both domains.

@nolan Doesn't Polymer effectively require build tooling? I, personally, *like* the no-build-tools-required ideal, but all other trends seem to point to more front-end tooling.

mastodon instances only live as long as the owner/admin is interested in running them - and often running these types of things for a public audience is pretty thankless. idk, if you're on one of the bigger public or semi-public instances, thank your admin

i'm not even drinking and i'm having fun online. WHAT IS THIS, 1996?


The gearing of the turntable to the motor would not necessarily preserve that fraction in the latter case, so I am fairly confident it's the former.

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That'd be a lot more complex - it'd require much finer control over motor speed.

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