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@thegibson It makes sense, though.

TikTok is a Chinese company. The US is doing EVERYTHING in their power to cut China off from US data.

It's a war on secrets. No nukes, no battles. Just cold information.

It all makes perfect sense. And plus, it's not unusual. Every country wants two things:

1) Find dirt on all other countries
2) Keep their own secrets locked away so other countries can't get to it.

It's a dick-swinging competition, and China has been like that for MILLENIA. It's the Art of war all over again, but reborn for cyberspace.

War never changes. Right now, the keys to the kingdom are not the bridge to your castle, it's read access to your computer. Just imagine: If all the data you got on your PC had to be printed out, it would be EXPENSIVE. Like, simply price of paper expensive. The computer you have is no longer just its horsepower someone can use to crack keys or DDoS someone else, it's just about rummaging through your files. It's standard procedure.

Scouts used to look for enemy encampments by blending in and sneaking around, now they can do the same thing by monitoring Fitbit tracks you run around the compound.

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." --Sun Tzu

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win" --Sun Tzu

The fact is, China is in a great position to strike. US is chaotic, dealing with its own issues on the inside, and, as such, weakened. This is what China was waiting for all along. I would not be surprised if the whole TikTok debacle was a red herring aimed at taking the public focus off some other plan China has for the US.

Make no mistake, US, Russia and China are all at war. However all behave differently. US is currently split apart on so many fronts. It can barely hold itself together. Russia is showing off strengths and hiding its weakness. China is quiet. They lay in wait, assessing the situation. All the news about China doing shit is very heavily discussed in other countries, while China itself does not give two shits. It is not their battle and there will be little repercussions for them. Right now, they can just wait, open a beer and watch as their enemies rip each other apart over a bone they tossed in.

Sure, Tiktok may be a valuable intelligence tool for them, but I highly doubt they didn't consider the alternative of the app's true purpose being discovered. Then, they will support the idea of their app being super-sensitive and destructive. Why wouldn't they? If your enemy thinks the baseball you have is a grenade, of course they will freak out!

This may be one last use of TikTok before they burn the whole project and move on to something different.

"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak." --Sun Tzu

The Legend of Zelda: Link in The Description

Damn systemd.

How the hell am I supposed to get any information out of 250 NULLs?!

On Software: switched from Ubuntu to Debian after last night's reboot, currently using Chromium instead of Chrome for my Google stuff.

On hardware: Maybe try slowing down the RAM?
Going to have to try rowhammering it and see if it's just an old AMD bug

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OK, new computer, been modifying it.

It's been unstable and I *assumed* that it was the POC power supply the vendor provided, so I got a nice power supply to replace it (runs quieter!) and while the system is *more* stable it still rebooted spontaneously on me only a day after installing the new PSU.

Possibilities I'm considering:
Software (most of the reboots, including yesterday's were running Chrome under Ubuntu).

Other Hardware: memory? CPU?

re: uspol 

@shaderphantom never ceases to amaze me that he failed at running casinos and then people thought he could run a country

literally the business plan is "people walk in and give us money" and he couldn't pull it off

Why's it so difficult to write a pacemaker?

I'm not familiar with what it does exactly. But I presume


most people don't seem to know the difference between the state judiciary, the state executive, the state legislative body, the federal judiciary, the federal executive and the federal legislative bodies

what i want to know is what the fuck has been being taught in fucking government classes in school if not that?

Scandanavia and the World
A webcomic that really speaks to this Scandanavian American.

(Tip: don't take fermented shark from Icelanders if you've been a guest too long)

"Why companies struggle with recalcitrant IT"

"Airlines are […] now advised to turn the plane off and on again every 51 days, to stop its computers displaying false data in mid-flight."

Love our glorious computerized future

A mind like a steel trap: illegal in 30 states and mangles anything that gets caught in it.

So: new AMD 3600 based system, and I can't read the PS voltages from inside Linux, only from the bios.

Since the bios reading for 12v is *slightly* low, but not outside spec, I'm concerned that it might be dropping outside spec under load (and contributing to my systems instability).

Anybody got ideas?

(Yes, I could call TS, but I've already tried once and didn't get connected)


I look at Portland tonight, and I want to get in the face of every gullible fool who told me I was crazy post 9-11 when I said the creation of the DHS was a very dangerous slope to tread.

That giving up liberty for security would get us neither.

for their fear taking them over and letting bad decisions be made...

This is on all of you... I remember you, I remember you trying to make me question my beliefs...

I ended up being right... and not a single one of you will dare admit it.

This is all on you.

uspol econonmy 

trump: "we're going to have a great 3rd quarter. we're going to have a great 4th quarter.

jpmorgan: *sets aside 10 billion dollars for the coming disaster in Q3/4*

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