@lain I think it would go something like "end-to-end what?"

Alderaan was an inside job. Do you really think a death laser could blow up a planet? No. It was a controlled demolition. Wake up, you mind-wiped droids!

auto cw: could contain food 

@dandelion put tortilla down in pan/on grill, layer grated cheese (or appropriate substitute) on top.

Wait for cheese to melt.


If you want to get fancy, treat it like pizza and put whatever you want on there with the cheese.

I like diced peppers and green onions with a sharp cheddar.

Not really anything more to it than that.

@twitter I got the impression that a lot of that pause was editing the swear words out of his response.

#2315 "Eventual Consistency" 

Later I'm going to get a head start on the heat bath.

@twitter Minneapolis seems to have gotten the message.

State Civil Rights charges against the department, and city councilmembers talking openly about how the department has been intimidating them.

And *everyone* pulling cooperation contracts.

St. Paul can't be far behind.

Minneapolis public schools just voted to kick out the Minneapolis police.

@twitter it'd be easier if we knew for sure.

Not good, whatever it is.

@gudenau probably. There's certainly rocker buttons and there may be a variant that does exactly what you want.

@twitter I wouldn't be surprised, I believe the word for how they've been using it the past week is "profligate".

I do worry about what happens when they run out of teargas.

@twitter at least they aren't maltrained like the cops are.

Here's hoping for the best.

re: uspol, cynical 

@raven @twitter Make sure you use multiple iterations. I use 4, so it's even more secure!

@twitter @mdszy That's a pretty good page, but something smaller and focused on emergency comm protocols would be perfect.

I hope it's safe to assume *some* intelligence from anyone who makes it far enough to be on the air to begin with.

@mdszy @twitter I don't have a ham license, though I have considerable communications training.

Perhaps providing on-line materials with the basics of "how not to be disruptive on the air" and getting those out broadly would be a good idea?

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