banks: please please please you have to bail us out or we'll go bankrupt

government: alright here's a check

consumers: i need more time to pay off my loan

banks: fuck you, show some personal responsibility

Has anyone else noticed how much bigger drummers get when they're live on stage?



Italian ventilator manufacturer couldn't keep up with demand due to . A company stepped up to help by printing ventilator parts to SAVE LIVES...

The ventilator manufacturer sent a Cease and Desist Letter.

3D printer told the ventilator manufacturer to eff off and released the STL files for free.

holy fuck if people could stop stepping closer to me to talk to me.

I feel like that Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny skit where they keep drawing the line in the sand?

I bakced up to maintain 6 feet, they closed it bac kto 2. I eventually was legit with my back against the wall. :|

The Ides of March isn't just about stabbing, it's about stabbing in groups.

So, my local Costco was sold out of paper towels and TP (probably kleenex, too, but I didn't check, they had big signs up for those two).

Who shops at Costco and ever has less than a month's supply of TP on hand?

gov't support of business during covid 

roads: *falling apart*
green areas: *eroding to clay*
park equipment: *broken*
public buildings: *paint peeling*

all my friends: *working like 50h a week serving drinks and meals to the people in town who work for multinational conglomerate corporations that have no direct benefit to the community except tax revenue which is largely deferred... just like the maintenance... until it's unobtainable and new revenue streams are pursued to offset it but then the maintaince costs more...*

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Have you ever sent a fax?

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