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I am definitely available for projects.

Got something weird that's causing irritation in your team but nobody has the time or energy to deal with?

the death of the author means that its pronounced gif with a hard g, goddamnit

I think this tutorial is a good start: "How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python"

Another good place to start is this course in Udemy: "A crash course in neural networks for beginners "

I hope that is a good start

Just because I have a reasonably powerful computer doesn't mean I want to waste cycles on my desktop environment.

I have other things I want it to do.

"I wanted to give freedom to the users, not the companies. Yes, I believe that a company ought to have control of its own computing. It doesn’t make the world a better place if Company A’s computing is under the control of Company B. But liberating companies from this mistreatment is not my priority. It’s humans, it’s people, that I want to liberate."

-- Richard Stallman
It seems a curious case of historical revisionism that people want to erase medieval weapons they don't like or feel like they weren't effective from history, even when we have period weapons dated to that time with scientifically valid methods in museum collections.

The modern equivalent to this would be like saying all those chinese counterfeit Lugers clearly didn't exist because they are of so poor worksmanship.  Or that american mall-ninja pistols with poor designs must not exist because they are silly designs.  Not every design of .. well, anything, really, sets the world on fire.  This is normal.

Federal Investigators Pinpoint What Caused String Of Gas Explosions In Mass.

I think we'd better have another storytime.

Have I ever told you about the time I witnessed the rescue of the Prince of Birds?

Thread. The rest will be unlisted.

If you're going to let vendors have remote access to maintain their systems, you need to maintain absolute dictatorial control over that access.
1. You pick the authentication credentials.
2. You determine the hours of access.
3. You control what access is read-only, rather than read-write.
4. You have the ability to disable the remote access, instantaneously, at any time, for any reason.
5. You review and approve each person the vendor wants to have service your system.

Time, money, effort, yes.
Worth it.

1. It's always much easier to smell someone else's bullshit than your own.

2. On average, you will tend pick the explanation that strokes your own ego and places the blame on others.

3. Over time, you will therefore weave a dense and complex web of self-deception around yourself.

4. Knowing about the above does not make you able to compensate for it.

5. However, a blunt but honest friend should be able to burst your bubble with minimal effort. Talk to your friends.

Note: you can set up a ZFS pool on an SD card under Linux. This may provide hours of entertainment...

Perhaps "natural hierarchies of competence" might sound truthy to some folks, but if you actually meet anyone near the top of said hierarchy you'll rapidly be disabused of any such belief.

[Me, sobbing] You can't just call whatever you see a file, Linux.

[Linux, points at hard drive] /dev/sda

[Me] Please, no

[Linux, points at controller] /dev/input/js0

[Linux, points at the ever present void, just at the edge of our vision that we all try so hard to ignore] /̵͉͒̈d̸͍̙̯͝e̶͔͗v̷͒̏̚͜/̸̺̝͆ṅ̸̫u̴̟̓̍͘l̶̦̣̃̃͝l̷͚̩̋

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RT The #OpenBSD 6.4 banner and artwork is just great: tinfoil puffies with “I feel safer now”. And the release is safer with many new things, including: unveil(2), RETGUARD, many Spectre and meltdown fixes and mitigations, and of course an improved code base.

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