One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the languages you use or the practices you follow. Nothing else comes close: not type systems, not TDD, not formal methods, not ANYTHING.

Allow me to explain why.


If you follow this thread you know almost as much about my musical tastes as Google does.

> When you spend equal amounts of time behind both kinds of keyboard, things are going to mix.

> This is a collection of instrumentals inspired by the status codes sent by HTTP servers.

"HTTP Status Codes" by "things in jars"…


Tech enthusiasts: My entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don't recognize.


Computer simulations of what the black hole might look at from different vantage points from ours and some animations showing the difficulty of observing the M87 black hole from Veritasium. Congratulations to the Event Horizon Telescope team.

"... when explosive #Russiagate headlines go sideways, the original outlets simply ignore the new development, leaving the “retraction” process to conservative outlets that don’t reach the original audiences. This is a major structural flaw of the new fully-divided media landscape in which Republican media covers Democratic corruption and Democratic media covers Republican corruption. If neither “side” feels the need to disclose its own errors and inconsistencies, mistakes accumulate quickly."

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail
A smile from a veil
Do you think you can tell?

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


Thinking about... institutional knowledge.

When people improve at their jobs, among the improved skills are their ability to move information through their working environment.

It's a reciprocal process: as the worker improves at communicating with their coworkers, their coworkers also improve at communicating with them. Replace one worker and the coworkers' knowledge can help repair the lost skills faster.

Thus, increasing the autonomy of workers makes the organization more resilient and capable. (1/?)

Fediverse, hearken unto me. I have a mighty need, and only you can help.

I require articles about things millennials have killed or are killing. As many as you can bring me. Major things or insignificant. Cold takes or hot. Moderately or extremely stupid. Personal or statistical. Everything you've got, as long as you can provide a link to the source.

I wish to admire our handiwork, and the angst it has inspired. I crave this as one lost in the desert craves drink.

Boosts welcome.

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