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I've genuinely given the Reddit PWA as much benefit of the doubt as I possibly can, and there are exclusive features that I like, but a website shouldn't slow to a crawl on a modern browser after a handful of actions. It's like a big "don't use me!" advertisement for React.

buying shares in a music shop is a sound investment

You know what is a truly underappreciated blessing? Having boring genitals. You don't have to talk about them at job interviews. You don't have to talk about them with your parents. Omicronians don't hunt you down to kill you for your lower horn. If you have boring genitals, take a minute to look down and say "thank you."

"I was just following orders. I did what I had to... for king and country." - Mr. Peanut cracker, in his war crimes tribunal

"...another argument goes, if we create new words, we can avoid words with so much political baggage and make the unifying issue it was always supposed to be, and logic will win finally the day."

The fact that it eventually becomes hypothetically tolerable when you've escaped that early feedback loop of "you're not good enough to get to play/improve" is... ultimately a useless piece of trivia? That feedback loop shouldn't exist. I buy DLC to get more of the games I love, not to make a bad game playable.

I do not have the capacity to understate how abysmal the T99 free experience is. An endless loop of waiting a full minute to queue into a match, getting to play for less than a minute thanks to mechanics that significantly shorten the game for new players, and then a summary of how bad you are - that's the experience you have to grind to eventually get good.

I don't know what the DLC costs. I'm assuming something like $5. I literally just bought Tetris Effect: Connected for $40 instead, because I know the money goes to someone who gives a damn, rather than money grubbing hobgoblins.

What's especially stupid is that there is an incredibly easy way to solve Tetris 99's constellation of misery - provide a single player mode at no further charge. The fact that *the ability to practice the game is locked behind paid DLC* is, ironically, the perfect persuasive argument that you cannot afford to reward these fuckers with a single dime.

Tetris 99 is easily the worst version of Tetris I've ever played. There is no contest. It manages to fail a task that would normally be impossible to fail. The people who managed that project should not be allowed to make games ever again. Privileges revoked.

This morning is the third time I've nearly used the wrong one in our oatmeal. I've caught it every time... so far.

Fitness tracker freaking the fuck out after I get home from running with my dog

> __"What are you doing, step count?!"__

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