Fun fact: The Matrix still runs on X11 because Agent Smith could not get copying and pasting himself to work on Wayland.

Weak references are when you quote from a movie that wasn't popular enough for people to remember

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@brion gotcha. I gotta agree, I think this is a solution to problems that don't really exist. The closest to being a real problem is the offline version. Who cares about the absolute latest changes, when you'll probably need to wait months for users to have browser support?

I'm not saying there's no way to monetize MDN, but there's a much bigger market for "self-host and use it to document your own stuff" like Confluence.


@brion it's been 17 days and that url is already down. So, I feel that supports your prediction.

Apparently I'm spending St. Patrick's Day sitting in Best Buy indefinitely. I love my husband, and have my own hyperfocus issues, but I really was expecting more of... like... a date.... not an existential crisis about finding the right phone.

I don't think I ranted on here yet about how good Pieces of Her is. I don't have any experience with the source material, but treating the Netflix adaptation like a standalone product, holy cow, great job. It does a great job establishing rules for itself that enhance the nuance and enjoyability of the story.

Okay, now it's living rent free in my head. Not examining WHY you like things (or don't) is an entirely valid way to be an audience for something. Maybe it's the best, maybe it's the worst, but that's at least debatable. Once you move behind the curtain, though, you need to start understanding your tastes, the function of tropes, and the language of your medium. If you include everything you ever liked (because you saw it in a context that worked), you produce garbage.

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Apparently it's all like this. I think the live action "paid for by Spirit Halloween" parts could almost work as a comedy, but I don't think it works as camp-serious. Camp, even when it's being off-putting, is endearing in its earnest "I don't care if it's goofy" attitude. And GoJ is like... someone who cares way TOO much, but couldn't really articulate why, beyond "hey member when? That was a childhood!"

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I'm not gonna write it off at one episode, but my review of Guardians of Justice so far is that I keep waiting for it to take its ADHD medication and pick an aesthetic besides "all of them on high speed shuffle, all executed poorly."

@ovelny I keep hearing rave reviews too, and considering I had the same thing happen to me with Panic at the Disco! years late, I really gotta just put some tracks on the TV and try it.

website made by someone who describes themself as "a dipshit who doesn't know how to use computers" and hosted on a raspberry pi or some random VPS: loads instantly, well designed, easy to navigate

website made by fortune 500 company, with teams of designers, programmers, and servers in 8 countries: takes a full minute to load, layout shifting around the whole time, breaks if you have 1 browser add-on, the page you want can only be accessed via a third party search engine, gets worse every year

Ravi Gupta, former Instacart COO, on planning processes in tech:

Every time I'm asked about some newly proposed process, I ask: "Why do you think you need this?" The answer is usually some version of "[person from a big company] said that we need to have a process […]."

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@Chaos_99 So here I am, regretting that I never trusted someone with my name, who disproportionally cared about us for how well he knew us. I even gave the family my birthday money to make the next few weeks easier.

But you know what? I still haven't told a single one of them that I'm going by a female name now. And it's hard to imagine feeling safe enough to say a damn word about it.

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@Chaos_99 my neighbor was always a friendly acquaintance, but also listened to a lot of right wing radio on the porch. I don't look like my name in real life, so I didn't want to really socialize. Not worth the risk.

Well my husband got real sick, and my neighbor was one of the people rooting for him to get well. My husband did, but the neighbor had a heart attack a few days later by random bad luck.

I'll need a 2/2 here...

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