Today needed a hot take borne of agonizing, delirious pain. And thus, here we are:

Version pinning is a form of technical debt. You can tell yourself otherwise, in the same sense that you can traipse into a wolf den singing "nice doggies!", but the present reality will eventually come due, and be all the more painful for the amount of interest you accumulated trying to delay the inevitable.

letter case is a scam to sell us twice as many letters

After all this time, it's fascinating that one of the primary uses people have for the internet is still essentially multiplayer Notepad.

When DevOps is fun, it's like flipping a switch and watching a giant bouncy castle unroll and stand up all on it's own. When DevOps goes bad, it's like accidentally triggering that while still in your van in traffic.

Apparently /r/traa has had a really bad "creepy PMs" problem toward transmascs, and people have used International Men's Day to reclaim the sub for the forces of good and wholesomeness. As a fem married to a masc, it's about time that place was welcoming for my hubby! It's a gross problem but I'm proud of the community for standing up to it.

Spaghetti, grated carrot, and coconut curry sauce. Because leftovers know no borders.

There's been a minor trend lately of dunking on Uncle Bob and/or his book Clean Code. It felt a little out of the blue, but I think there's a lot of pent-up disdain for his brand of gospel, which is finally being vented into the world now that he's less of a sacred cow. The most cogent example I've seen so far is this:

This exposes the fundamental flaws of asynchronous workflows (e.g. development by pull requests).

We cannot first create something and then, by simple inspection, eliminate the bad qualities from our work.

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"The inspection does not improve the quality, nor guarantee quality. Inspection is too late. The quality, good or bad, is already in the product."

The creators of the say it's a scam. Let's just all calm down and stop getting scammed.

A very cool article on persistent data structures, concurrency and parallelism. There is even some interesting contrast between Raku and Golang thrown in.


lol at twitter we talked a lot about charging for extra features but they were sure some other business model would drop from the sky...

now they've given up and want to charge money for extra features, but during the decade they tried to farm ads, the site has become such a hellscape there's nothing worth buying

cryptocurrency (money looted from graves)

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