I wonder if this is a good alternative to bats? That never did work right for me github.com/Checksum/critic.sh

Apparently I haven't managed to get out of bed. Why is this so hard. I mean surely I should just stand up and get ready but...

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Totally unscientific ....

But yeah, the % of time talking about "things" that aren't all that important in the grand scheme. And glossing over specific practices.

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Last two retweets, that's the series of articles I contributed too (mine are up later, @tomphp@twitter.com totally owned the first few then @sanjaykmruk@twitter.com did some too)

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The second in our Software Engineering Topic of the Day series was a discussion relating to the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP). You can read the blog by following the link below:


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Our Engineers have started sharing a Software Engineering Topic of the Day on the company Slack as a way to share knowledge in the team. Since these bitesize posts might prove valuable to others, we have decided to post them as a series of blog posts.


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The rules of "Yes and" are roughly: Someone says something, and you have to respond "Yes, and" take their idea, make them look good, and build on it. Making them look good is a key part of it, then the next person does the same with what you said.

Yesterday I found myself angry and writing something reactionary to someone else. I am very guilty of this a lot. A strategy I tried was using the improv technique "Yes, and", I tried to work out how I would agree with them, and say what I wanted to say.

Sort of worked?

Got some stuff I wrote coming out on the cloudnative.ly blog over the next few days.

They're going with some others by other people on the work blog on "Topic Of The Day" cloudnative.ly/topic-of-the-da

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