Huh, got on the GitHub Codespaces beta and it's identical to GitPod, or the hundreds of other web-based VS Codes. Feels a bit slower than most of the others I've tried and defaults to a horrendous white colour scheme. Pretty disappointing.

Constantine's Law: "A structure is stable if cohesion is strong and coupling is low."

Was ist die meisten Lieblings Vogel Musik Gruppe? Enten Schakira


Don't normally do this, but the removing *all* of the Gender Identity support helplines from the BBC Action Line service that they provide to help people affected by news items really does seem without a precedent I know of for minority coverage.


I read Gideon the Ninth recently and I loved it so much it's made me actually nervous about reading the sequel. Like what if it's not as good what-if characters I am invested in aren't there or are different.

It'd be cool to have a pretty moon on my terminal drawn with ncurses that showed the phases of the moon

BNE is like something I would read on FurAffintity and it's amazing!

Every time I call they're like "Miss, this isn't right you're a man". Every fucking time

oooooh! I should do the same thing for image files using icat!

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Updated my cat command. So it defaults to bat, unless I am cat-ing a single markdown file then it uses mdcat

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