I just started crying because my german health insurance card arrived after months of waiting.

We sometimes use this in retro's, to drive discussion about what's working and what isn't by putting Red/Amber/Green votes next to the sections then discussing what's lacking. It's great for framing the discussion

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We made this because although the right thing to do varies from client to client (and YMMV), we needed a starting point to say, "this is an example of good", particularly when bringing in new people, and talking to clients

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Awesome, the cheat sheet I helped make with a bunch of other @ArmakuniHQ@twitter.com'ers of sensible defaults to to setup a high performing team is now GitHub github.com/armakuni/ak-way-che

sonobouy is an application named specifically so I can't spell it correctly

I keep being tempted to create something that parses HAR files generated by a proxy and runs them through OPA. But it feels like one of the things I'll try then get bored of maintaining

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(Zap is what I usually end up using but it's not great, tends to be flakey and meh, also it's slow and uses a lot of resources)

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a lightweight security testing scanner? Something that will check for like the usual suspect headers, CSP, X-Frame, etc. Not you ZAP.

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"For example, one study found that simply using rudimentary tools for navigating code (scroll bars, text search, etc.) can account for *up to a third of the time* spent debugging code."

Never discount the importance of developer tools. 🛠️

apress.com/gp/book/97814842422, via @amyjko@twitter.com

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That is just the ones we know of, the real numbers will be much higher

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Today is the transgender day of remembrance, the day we read the names of trans people who were killed through transphobic violence this year that list has 386 names on it.

Fyi, the come up with two mutually exclusive but positive futures I'd a really powerful vision generation tool. Totally recommend trying it

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preview for a zoom talk I'm giving in like seven and a half hours

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I really want to do a talk on some data stuff I have been doing with @ArmakuniHQ@twitter.com, just need to get permission and work out where to give it. Anyone know good places to give data talks?

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I'm helping @mirahimage@twitter.com work again today. I like helping. Yesterday I even got to help @BillieCodes@twitter.com work.

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