There's been some development in respect to personal data I shared with Cisco that wound up in the Apollo data breach.

1/ Cisco have apologised for initially telling me they did not pass any data to Apollo
2/ Cisco have apologised for being in breach of article 34 of GDPR and not notifying me
3/ I have been provided a copy of the data that was breached. The only factually accurate information I provided to Cisco was a unique email address and my name. Everything else thankfully was fake

4/ Cisco are reviewing their processes and procedures in regards to my complaints


Key takeaways from this incident are:

1/ Use unique email addresses with each organisation you share data with
2/ Don't share accurate information unless absolutely necessary
3/ Although my password was not breached, unique passwords are vital
4/ If you need to share a phone number, consider a second SIM and dual SIM phone or consider a service like mysudo
5/ Sign up to Troy Hunt's HIBP
6/ Exercise your rights under privacy legislation and complain when they are not upheld

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