That was fun. Some wind. A series of short powercuts at the office. A tripped breaker and a depleted UPS. A number of servers hard powered off before they were shutdown. And 4 hours recovering the situation so our developers can continue working first thing tomorrow morning as if nothing had happened.

Key takeaways from this incident are:

1/ Use unique email addresses with each organisation you share data with
2/ Don't share accurate information unless absolutely necessary
3/ Although my password was not breached, unique passwords are vital
4/ If you need to share a phone number, consider a second SIM and dual SIM phone or consider a service like mysudo
5/ Sign up to Troy Hunt's HIBP
6/ Exercise your rights under privacy legislation and complain when they are not upheld

4/ Cisco are reviewing their processes and procedures in regards to my complaints

There's been some development in respect to personal data I shared with Cisco that wound up in the Apollo data breach.

1/ Cisco have apologised for initially telling me they did not pass any data to Apollo
2/ Cisco have apologised for being in breach of article 34 of GDPR and not notifying me
3/ I have been provided a copy of the data that was breached. The only factually accurate information I provided to Cisco was a unique email address and my name. Everything else thankfully was fake

The only draw back with pxebooting slax is the hardcoded port number for its http downloads, coupled with the requirement that all the files it needs being in the wwwroot folder. It's impossible to have x64 and x86 versions available without ugly hacks (PXE chain loading from a virtual IP on the pxe server and binding a web server to that IP)

Slax btw is a great fast booting Debian-based live distribution, well worth trying and supporting

Two hours wasted for a misdiagnosed problem. I wanted to have the Slax live distro as a boot option on my PXE server as an alternative to DRBL. I could not figure out why the TFTP portion worked, but the HTTP version didn't. Of course it is TFTP downloading a kernel and when it initialises, the virtio networking stops working. What I thought was a PXELINUX problem was fixed in the end by switching the proxmox VM I was testing with from virtio to emulated E1000.

Worked out why my backup server was mailing me 'lost connectivity with UPS' every time it was switched on. Turns out I left the apcupsd configuration out of my ansible. Oops.

I am done with Gnome on Debian 9. Going to give XFCE a whirl.

Wonder if open source and ethical hardware will ever become as ubiquitous as libre software?

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BTW did you know employers are charged £15k a year to advertise jobs on Stack Overflow? That's a lot of dough for small companies to find in searching for good talent.

Is there a federated alternative to stack overflow?

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Looks like I'm going to have to write an ansible module to deal with IPMI sensor thresholds. This is going to get fugly.

What's worse? Cross posting from twitter or sharing links with twitters link shortened URLs?

Actually to make the IPMI command idempotent may mean it's more than ten minutes work. I wonder if there is a module for that?

Finally got another piece of ansible done for my home servers. Intel IOMMU kernel parameter now set on the Linux command line. Next spare ten minutes I will look at an ansibling up an IPMI command to adjust BMC fan speed warning thresholds. Then I need to work out how I get my current DHCP and BIND configuration into a highly available setup with minimal fuss/unavailability.

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