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I have used for years now to purchase , it has my card linked up to my account so it's nice and easy. Open the app, put in the amount and purchase, nice quick and easy. But their card payment from within the is down and I can not purchase any , can anyone suggest a site that's this . And works wth in the .

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@Pie Doesn't sound too trustworthy tbh. I mean, sure the stuff you mentioned isn't "that important" but I'm wondering if they even know how to develop secure sw. They sound like the kind of people who would store plaintext pws. Had to make the unpleasant experience myself: Just because people know how to deploy a website or write php, doesn't mean they know how to do it the right way. Had to explain to webdevs what sql injections/xss/hashs&salts are. And I'm a sysadmin...

Just so everyone knows, tomorrow every gets a at marina there 1st birthday, free pizza for everyone.

Looking for advice, what direction to go. I'm currently a admin, I love and like to earn half decent money, just looking for ideas

Any charities out there need help from a Linux admin? or anyone know of somewhere I can donate some time and effort to worthy cause ?

Heres a question for fellow , do you think should have a basic understanding of ? stuff like how works, how to , that & are not the same? or am I asking to much? what sort of level in regards to should be?

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If you don't listen to me, why in heaven's name did you hire me...???

Some egos are too big......

well its easier to drop and install to get working with than it is to spend the day getting it to work on Fedora25

Do you see technology as gifts for children or a necessity to have around the house?

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