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One student said that #IPv6 addresses looked "scary". They're so long and look so complex, and they're hexadecimal which is unfamiliar to many people.

Also, if a long address is hard to write down, this might make people feel like they're less in control of their network.

I think my students had some really good points and I'm proud of them. :3

what do you think about and ? What about Ulbricht's ideals?

i'm probably going to read "The Motorcycle Diaries".
Want to know more

yestarday i've seen a really good documentary on Ernesto . I can't find the title anymore but it talked about how he became an icon and why is still loved around the world.

Photos were mainly shot by Alberto , a famous cuban photographer who made the "Guerrillero Heroico"

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@thomasfuchs That's what big toes are for, to cushion the fall.

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ways to be political: protest. inform. educate. teach. satire. the law good and proper. boycott. support. support financially. volunteer. strike. blockade. bend the law. whistleblow. expose. correct. publish. get naked. flashmobs. sit-ins.

today I have one of the hardest test, good luck to me :oh_no:

after 2 years of in/out flooding in our IRC server, I've finally set up a bouncer. This is really cool!

left my phone at home today but i haven't missed it. Probably you worry less.

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made some diy dvorak keyboard keys from adesive tape. Now the keyboard sucks but hey, it's cheap.

Used setxkbmap for changing the layout inside X.

Tomorrow I have to sort out why posts on Jekyll are't working well.

nite everyone!

P.S. that's a Diyvorak! :joylmfao:

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i don’t like calling twitter "birdsite", birds deserve better than this

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