Really enjoying learning . Been coding in Python for a year or so now and I do like it but it just doesn't vibe with me. No criticism of Python at all but just doesn't suit my style. Excited about Go though. 😁


Does it always statically link the go runtime? Seems a bit wasteful, but I've never got out of the habit of being tight with disc space.

@PermittedSoc I honestly don't know yet! But as soon as I get to that bit in the book, I'll tell you! 😁

@PermittedSoc @betandr That's one of the benefits, cross-compilable binaries easy to deploy as the don't have any dependencies to external libraries or runtimes.

Yep, I can see it being a benefit in *some* cases, but I don't think it would be for my projects / workflow

@PermittedSoc @betandr Working since 7 years in areas where it is a benefit. When having distibuted software on thousands and more nodes.

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