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OpenAPI-Directory: Directory of definitions in (fka ) 2.0 and 3.0 formats.

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive, standards-compliant and up-to-date directory of machine-readable API definitions.

I've been thinking about tools like Swagger and it's #OpenAPI.

Is there any litterature on using #FormalMethods to spec #HTTP APIs?

Which graffiti artist would do your washing?

A laundry Basquiat.

Introducing Leatha Canty, she is about to understand what is the true potential of human depravity as her neighbor calmly applies ice cream to her filet mignon... in The Twilight Zone.

because a non-descript, humble hamster just picked up todays news paper and the headline reads "Listen to science"... in the Twilight Zone.

I have a hard time identifying or delineating non-toxic masculinity from non-toxic non-masculinity because I've reached a place where I'm not really sure what gender… even… is. Like, if I look directly at it, it vanishes.

But I'm pretty confident that I'm a man and therefore my masculinity is whatever the fuck I say it is. Painting your nails or wearing a dress could be masculine. Whatever. Being non-toxic (e.g. caring, comforting, supporting, etc.) while being a man is non-toxic masculinity.

How much would you typically pay for gaming laptops nowadays? I’m not that familiar but my son is asking.

Feeling really cynical at the moment, but thankfully this came in the post.


The reaction we should be having to watching Will Wheaton get bullied and harassed out of the fediverse is not "I thought you people would be better!" It's "I thought Mastodon was designed to protect people from exactly this."

Peoples is peoples, and we're going to find ways to be mean to each other no matter how we organize ourselves. Technology can constrain that meanness, or amplify it. Twitter's a megaphone. Can we build Mastodon into a nice set of noise-cancelling headphones?

I wonder why there is no such rss-to-activitypub gateway that would convert pull-based RSS/Atom feeds into push-based Activity streams, i.e. that will check all subscribed feeds for changes and publish new items to the Fediverse. Is a lack of such gateway caused by fear of polluting Fediverse with tons of anonymously generated rss links?

I noticed I haven't shared the link to my latest Stoplight guest post yet so here we go ... It's a piece about #APISecurity in #OpenAPI:

Don't we all take turns bring the Mastodon CEO? Isn't that how it works? I kept alternate Thursdays between 4:10 and 4:14 free specially.

There should be welcoming bot for new users which should post instance guidelines, links to joinmastodon, user tips etc.

Gamify new account?
- Fill description
- Add avatar
- Post first Toot
- Follow someone

Do you suffer from mental health crises? A few years ago a friend floated the idea of an app that might help people cope. I've finally started putting together a prototype and would like a few people on standby to try it out. If you have an android phone, are in the UK and would be interested, please send me a direct message.

Boosts very appreciated.

"Most websites are about delivering content. HTML is amazing for this and you DON'T NEED JAVASCRIPT."

I would like to marry this post. 👰

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